Worst Console Launch? (Curse Of The 3RD Console???)

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Posted by deactivated-5cad308c20fc4 (51 posts) 5 months, 17 days ago

Poll: Worst Console Launch? (Curse Of The 3RD Console???) (62 votes)

Xbone 45%
PS3 34%
3DS 0%
Other 21%

here's a previous albeit similar thread but emphasis is placed on the console's launch not life cycle as a whole


Xbone seems to have had the worst launch of them all being attached to the stupid Kinect peripheral which only brought up the console to a staggering $500 (self inflicted)

PS3 seems to have suffered greatly initially from the addition of the cell processor, blu ray format & the difficulty to develop for (but at the very least they were pushing the standard)

(GameBoy > DS >3DS different iterations dont count as seperate consoles)

3DS must have been the biggest slap in the face for early adopters as it had a $80 price cut even when taking the ambassadors program into account i would imagine most consumers would have buyers remorse

is there any other honorable mentions?

is this about it?

is the 3rd console curse true?

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#51 Posted by Archangel3371 (27979 posts) -

I would consider ones to be in contention for ‘worst’ console launches to be those that didn’t survive. For instance the Virtual Boy, Jaguar, and Dreamcast would be among my top picks for worst system launches.

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I almost voted for PS3 being that Sony tried to sell it for 600, but they didn't preface their launch with a shitload of hated anti-consumer practices and then launch it with a camera attachment no one wanted, so my vote when to Xbox One. At least I got an awesome library out the PS3. Still waiting for that on the Xbox One.

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Examples that come to mind:

Atari 5200 - Atari's third console after the Hong Pong and 2600.

Sega Saturn - Sega's third international console after Master System and Mega Drive (the SG-1000 was only released in Japan and a few other countries).

Nintendo 64 - Nintendo's third international console after NES and SNES (the Color TV Game was only released in Japan).

PlayStation 3 - No explanation necessary.

Xbox One - No explanation necessary.

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@speedytimsi: Yeah, Sega didn't even know what the hell it was doing when releasing the Saturn. The company was completely dismantled. At least Microsoft knew what it was doing when it launched the xbox one. Well almost anyway :)