Will Sony disappoint, excite, or be meh at e3?

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Posted by SolidGame_basic (21984 posts) 3 years, 4 months ago

Poll: Will Sony disappoint, excite, or be meh at e3? (73 votes)

Disappoint 10%
Excite 38%
Meh 40%
Don't know 15%

Unlike the Nintendo thread, I have full confidence that Sony will deliver an exciting show. Their product is a hit and now they just have to unveil the upcoming goodies which have probably been in the planning for a while. I really do believe Sony learn their lesson from last gen and are ready to bring back PS2 era dominance. What about you, SW? What do you think?

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#1 Posted by Heil68 (57454 posts) -

Hopefully exciting, but everyone knows SONY will deliver the games to the PS4.

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I think they will deliver. The fact they are giving out cinema tickets to watch E3 LIVE and promoting E3 to even the troops means that they are super confident in what they are going to show. I expect a lot of megatons. This is the first time Sony has been in the lead in a long time, and I think they'll do everything to maintain that lead and keep the PS4 hype train going.

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#3 Posted by hoosier7 (4166 posts) -

Sadly i think i'll be coming out quite meh but i think that's just more gaming these days. The damn leaks have ruined things a bit, Project Beast would have had me going crazy but now it's kind of expected.

If what ND show is awesome i'm sure that'll be enough to hype me up though.

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hopefully they announce some new games and later on - delay them.

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#5 Posted by clyde46 (49048 posts) -

I don't think we'll see anything super big.

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#6 Posted by shawn30 (4367 posts) -

Excite because they have too. Its far to early in the gen for them to take their foot off the gas. And with MS in a near desperate mode to have a great E3, Sony has to deliver as well. I think when its all said and done they will have a great conference. Honestly, I think all 3 will.

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#7 Posted by tdkmillsy (2404 posts) -

@CrownKingArthur said:

hopefully they announce some new games and later on - delay them.

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It'll be great.

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#9 Posted by clyde46 (49048 posts) -

@shawn30 said:

Excite because they have too. Its far to early in the gen for them to take their foot off the gas. And with MS in a near desperate mode to have a great E3, Sony has to deliver as well. I think when its all said and done they will have a great conference. Honestly, I think all 3 will.

Actually I think you're right. MS is going to have to go all out for this E3 considering the complete and utter domination that Sony had over them last year. All eyes will be on MS this year and I personally believe that its make or break time for MS, if they fail to deliver a stand out show then I reckon we will see with almost certainty a re-run of PS2 era domination of the competition.

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#10 Posted by lostrib (49999 posts) -

I'm sure the trailers will be exciting, but probably not any surprise announcements

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#11 Posted by sHaDyCuBe321 (5538 posts) -

I think they'll disappoint because of the fact that most of their big titles won't be coming until a year from now. I look down the pipeline and I try to get excited for my PS4 and all I really see is TLOU Remastered, which I already played less than a year ago and Destiny which I will be buying for Xbox One because most of my friends have One's and MS's controller is vastly superior in my eyes.

As a day one adopter I knew it'd be tough at first, but I hoped it would have had more within the first year. Just as a comparison Wii U had NSMBU, W101, Pikmin 3, WW HD, Mario 3D Land, Scribblenauts (even though it wasn't exclusive I still love me some Scribblenauts), Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, Lego City Undercover and Zombi U in its first year and people look at it as a failure. Until my PS4 has titles that distinguish it from my Xbox One (I buy all my FPS and Adventure games on the One because controls matter more to me than resolution and I think the DS is a piece of shit) all I'll be playing on it are Fifa and MLB: The Show. Infamous was ok, but it was more eye candy than gameplay.

Everyone says "Sony will deliver the games" but everyone also forgets those ridiculous PS2 and PS3 droughts at the beginning of their respective life cycles.

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#12 Posted by hehe101 (730 posts) -

they'll defiantly deliver on indie

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#13 Posted by ninjapirate2000 (3347 posts) -

I think it'll be meh because everything is leaking. I hope the UC4 footage will be gameplay and not CG.

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#14 Posted by santoron (8583 posts) -

I choose Meh again.

Sony made a big splash last conference, and has generally had a pretty smooth last year, unlike the other two. I just think if all three performed equally, Sony would be viewed as the loser because the other two have such low expectations.

MS is still my pick to "win".

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#15 Posted by AmazonAngry (968 posts) -

Sony always excites at e3, and causes a buildup of copious amounts of jelly in lems and herms

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#16 Posted by sHaDyCuBe321 (5538 posts) -

@amazonangry: Always?

Riiiiiiiiiidge RACER!

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#17 Posted by blackace (23576 posts) -

Don't know really. Right now they only have a couple games worth seeing at the E3. I'm hoping for some serious surprises and not just a bunch of Indie games (that still haven't been released) like last year.

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A couple of their megatonnes have already leaked so they will at least have a good showing.. Not as EXCITE as it would have been if we didn't already know about Demon's Souls 2 and the Geurilla IP

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#19 Posted by Maddie_Larkin (7422 posts) -

Hard to tell really, Sony is in a bit of an odd spot, being the most saught after console of this gen.

Now unlike MS and Nintendo, WHO has to make a huge impact for the survival of thier consoles, Sony might feel a bit to safe, and not go all out, and drown in the conferances both Ninto and MS has (yeh I know that Ninty does not have an e3 conferance, the still have something similar).

I hope Sony is not relaxing too much to bother showing what they need. I fear that they might be just that.

Then Again e3 is a buissness conferance, so alot of numbers will likely be thrown around by Sony Again.

I hope to see Sony bring out an awesome lineup, with more inginurity then "gritty extremely linier and void game nr. 38" And put something out there similar to when the PS3 was in a bad state and they came up with so many good games, and took chances.

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#20 Edited by super600 (32372 posts) -

Probably excite or be in the middle. As long as their e3 conference is not as boring as last year I will be happy.

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#21 Posted by Nonstop-Madness (9833 posts) -

It'll be good but it won't be as good as some expect. They have to talk about PS3, PS Vita, PS Now, PSN, Project Morpheus AND PS4 all in a span of about 90 minutes.

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#22 Posted by ReadingRainbow4 (18733 posts) -

I hope everyone has an exciting showing.

We need competition so the games can thrive. It's going to be boring as shit if Microsoft just brings out halo and the not so secret Ryse 2, lol.

I want to see surprises from everyone.

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#23 Posted by Netherscourge (16363 posts) -

If Project Beast is their only exclusive for the PS4, it'll be enough for me to declare victory.

The only exception is if Nintendo reveals a brand new Zelda game in the vein of OOT/MM for the WiiU. Or even a new Metroid Prime. But they have to be BRAND NEW GAMES, not REMASTERS.

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#24 Posted by ShoTTyMcNaDeS (2782 posts) -

Sony will show a bunch of CGI and a bullshots like usual. But hey Sony kids.....Greatness awaits right???

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#25 Posted by Shewgenja (18706 posts) -

@ShoTTyMcNaDeS said:

Sony will show a bunch of CGI and a bullshots like usual. But hey Sony kids.....Greatness awaits right???

I'd be bitter too if I was stuck with a 115kBone

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#26 Posted by charizard1605 (82428 posts) -

I think Sony will do great this E3.

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#27 Posted by Shewgenja (18706 posts) -

Everything you need to know about Sony's E3 2014 conference can be found at the end of this video.

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#28 Posted by hotdiddykong (2098 posts) -

I know they will excite, but the meh will come in the form of the release dates.

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#29 Posted by sailor232 (6688 posts) -

Sony will watch Microsofts conference, then use it against them to mock them in a childish school yard manner (see last E3), everyone on SW will explode in agreement that Sony won E3 by showing nothing but tv,stats, indies, a few first party games. Just like last year I expect to be disappointed. I at least hope the .gifs will make up for it though.

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#30 Posted by VERTIGO47 (6904 posts) -

I wouldn't say excite. But it'll definitely be a GOOD showing. Games are all Sony needs to show.

Same with MS.

However, I look forward into seeing MS's conference. I'm curious as to what Exclusives they'll bring to the table.

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#31 Posted by Sweenix (5957 posts) -

Plz dnt brk mi hart bbe

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#32 Edited by happyduds77 (1688 posts) -

They are all out of surprises so meh. Microsoft in the other hand are going to be on the same level, but it will seem that they outdid Sony because there isn't much else to expect from them.

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#33 Posted by bigblunt537 (6904 posts) -

Hoping for excite, but I don't think we will get much.

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#35 Posted by FoxbatAlpha (10669 posts) -

Cgi trailers, hyping rehashes and no games show will exist until 2016. Meh to suck at best.

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#36 Posted by Netret0120 (3431 posts) -

Sony simply need to cut the PS4 price to 350US and BOOM they have won E3. MS would have lost an insane amount of money and I doubt they would reduce their price to 350 before they even hit 400:P.

Sony have benefited from MS screwing up. They just need to keep doing what they are doing and PS4>>>>>X1 by 2016 by 10-20 million units.

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#37 Posted by Solid_Max13 (3588 posts) -

As long as they don't make the same mistake Xbox made last year where halfway through the gen they didn't gI've two shits about the customer then Sony will be just fine

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#38 Posted by always_explicit (3379 posts) -

Meh, Drive club is exactly the reason why Sony's e3 will be meh.

Promises, promises, promises.

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#39 Posted by LadyBlue (4943 posts) -

I'm not watching e3, but I'd be disappointed if there isn't anything about Project Beast.

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#40 Posted by Pikminmaniac (11165 posts) -

Sony is usually pretty meh each E3 so I expect the same this year. Please prove me wrong Sony.

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#41 Posted by GrenadeLauncher (6843 posts) -

They and Nintendo will have good conferences. MS will disappoint as usual.

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Sony could do just about anything and the cows would say it was god tier

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You forgot the dominate poll option.

In all seriousness, it would be shocking if both Sony and Microsoft didn't hit their conferences out of the park. There should be like maximum games to reveal this year, last year was all about hardware and features - with mostly just the launch games being given serious time.

Of course I thought that for Nintendo last year, and it was one of the biggest fails of a "nintendo direct" i've ever seen. They were right to not do an actual E3 conference with that pathetic display. I do think that this year with their backs truly against the wall, even Nintendo will have some awesome reveals. Possible Zelda, but maybe one of the other franchises people are always clamoring for (Metroid, F-Zero, Star-Fox, etc).

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#45 Posted by remiks00 (3787 posts) -

I think the show will at least be a good show. But with all these "Insider" leaks and mumbo-jumbo, what is there left to be excited about other than Uncharted (in-engine) footage, and the showcasing of the new GG RPG...

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#46 Posted by hippiesanta (10299 posts) -

I cant wait microsoft fanboys pretend to say meh....

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#47 Posted by jake44 (2085 posts) -

@CrownKingArthur said:

hopefully they announce some new games and later on - delay them.


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#48 Posted by SecretPolice (31285 posts) -

They'll do the what $ony does best... Baffle'em with bull shyt since that can't dazzle'em with brilliance. :P

But serially, they are likely to excite but will they deliver what they promise? We'll see.

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#49 Posted by ShoTTyMcNaDeS (2782 posts) -

Sony loves to show off the $250 a plate Lobster and Steak on their commercial, but then when you actually get to the restaurant all you get is some Starkist Tuna and a scoop of Spam!!! But hey, you still get the vanilla ice cream(Indies) for dessert!!

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#50 Posted by blue_hazy_basic (30744 posts) -

Depends on what excites you. If seeing lots of games we've seen before at previous E3's and cutscenes from games with no release dates gets you all excited you're probably a Sony fan and will love it. Otherwise I'm expecting it to be a bit bleah (but not as bad as meh :P). Hope I'm wrong.

I think Sony will edge out MS this year, both will leave Nintendo in the dust, but either Beth, EA or Ubi will likely steal the show for me with a cool new RPG (western). #mypredictions.