Will microsoft make an xbox portable?

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Will there be an xbox portable ?

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#2 Posted by nervmeister (15378 posts) -
Probably. Considering the fact that handhelds are the biggest moneymakers this gen, I wouldn't put it past them.
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Not likely... Windows 7 phone will have middling LIVE interactivity and some mediocre looking phone games, but the market is too crowded right now for a serious contender. They seem to be focused on Kinect, and to a lesser extent, their new phone.
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No, the market is full. The only thing i think they will try is the windows phone to fight the iphone

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Doubtful. They're taking the Apple approach to mobile gaming.
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About one-quarter of handheld sales and a significant chunk of handheld software comes from the Japanese market. I don't see Microsoft ever being successful there.

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If they're smart, no. The market is already dominated by Nintendo and Apple. Being able to play Halo anywhere won't change that.

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It's very unlikely at this point. Nintendo and Apple are making it hard for anyone else to have any relative success with their current and upcoming business structures.

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I bloody well hope not.

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I doubt it.