Wii/PS3/Kinect homebrewer rumor: Durango CPU clocked at 1.6ghz.

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[QUOTE="MaskedPlayer"] a 680 would make the console to expensive unless microsoft make everything else crap.TheXFiles88

Loosey seems to believe that. Also cost aside you have to consider this is a 200W gpu it needs a dual slot fan to keep it cool and its quite long but MS can apparently make magic and will fit it on a box as big as a 360 according to Loosey.

Then, please explain how the Xenos (which at least 1 gen ahead of the GPU's at that time) could fit inside the Xbox 360?






there are microAtx mobos that are smaller than 360 one so whats your point. Xenos or x1800pro is a single one slot fan 80-85W part ( if not less due to lower clocks compared to the desktop version ) and much smaller physical size than top end gpus of nowdays so again how do you expect a 160-180W part that requires dual slot solution fan/s to keep it cool and also bigger size to fit in a small case similar to 360 ?? Let alone you are gonna need a decent power supply and that costs money on top of the amound MS will have to play for a top end part. So unless 720 is $600-700 or more and has the size of a small mid-atx case you wont see anything near a gtx 680 inside