Why does System Wars bash the shit out of doom 3?

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@uninspiredcup said:

@glez13 said:

Because it was like a very bad survival horror game that only did the themes and atmosphere well and sucked balls as a FPS for the most part.

Please explain how mechanically it is a bad "survival horror" my friend, because I don't agree. I would go as far to say you are wrong as **** on the matter.

@Some-Mist said:

the flashlight concept (keeping the mods out of discussion) was a very artificial way to add tension/intensity to the gameplay. the lighting is truly dumb too - areas where there are clearly lights in the ceiling or on the walls that are bright, but surround areas that are dark for some reason.

this. in terms of mechanics (even though the graphics/atmosphere said otherwise) the game felt very cheap. hell, even heather from sh3 (released a year before doom 3) can figure out how to use a flash light and a gun at the same time. okay, so you fix the shitty mechanics with the duct tape mod...

well... after a few hours you didn't grow tired/bored of the same predictable jump scares? It was as bad as DS2 in that aspect.

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Love both! :)

Only because I get frightened easily.. Can't deal with SH games.. I need a friend watching by my side to play the game

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Because they don't like fun games.

It's not Doom II, but it's quality horror entertainment.

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Personally, I freaking love Doom 3. I get the urge to play it atleast once a year. Very few games does this to me. If you get the right mods you can also get the game to look extremely good..

The first Dead Space is a real gem also. Really sad that the sequels were so much worse. Started out as an awesome survival horror game, ended like a mediocre gore filled action game.

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How long has it been since System Wars mentioned Doom 3?

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Personally I love both Doom 3 and Dead Space. Both are great games that I still go back and play. Both if played under the right circumstances (dark room, headphones, no distractions) have plenty of jump in your seat moments.

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@LegatoSkyheart said:

How long has it been since System Wars mentioned Doom 3?

About two days.