Why does everyone think PS4 is superior to X1?

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From a purely technical standpoint, the PS4 is unanimously better than the XB1. If you're gonna get an XB1, get it for the exclusives if you happen to like them.

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@gamemediator said:

Ignorance is the answer, time to set the cows straight!

Most gamers don't fully understand tech specs. PS4 is NOT more powerful just because current multiplatform games AT LAUNCH slightly run better on that system.

PS4 is basically an updated PS3. Xbox one is different than its predecessors, the hardware is much more complex and developers haven't fully exploited its power because it is used differently.

Microsoft's design choice of going with embedded eSRAM for the Xbox One is beginning to make a lot more sense.

With Direct X 11.2, 32Mb of eSRAM can theoretically be capable of storing up to 6GB worth of tiled textures. Couple the eSRAM's ultra fast bandwidth with tiled texture, and the eSRAM just became orders of magnitude more important for your next gen gaming.

As of now, Cows are making themselves look ridiculous by bragging about a supposedly superior system just because current games run SLIGHLTY better. Once developers start utilizing Direct X 11.2 (exclusive to Microsoft) exclusive games will be VASTLY superior with it's much better GPU performance.

PS4 does not have Tiled Resources, frankly this might be a huge game changer for the X1 in terms of raw graphics power, XB1 has low level API that runs seamlessly with High level DX11.2+ Tiled Resources. Game changer. Especially when devs get good at this its gonna be the nail in the coffin. This isnt wishful thinking, hoping. This is in practice, proven. PS4 doesnt have access and they are using OpenGL to try and duplicate but nowhere close to what XB1 does with it.

Im not a fanboy. I like Sony. Last gen PS3 was my main console, it was much better than X360 in terms of power no doubt. However, Sony has done nothing new this gen. PS4 is just an updated PS3 and my PS3 still has alot of life in it. Microsoft on the other hand is being more innovative than Nintendo. I wouldn't say the system was launched too early, but new things take time to understand. Like last gen people were bragging about Xbox 360 being superior for the first few years because the PS3's Cell was hard to developer for. I created this thread because I am tired of the ignorance.

So youre not a fanboy yet you say “Time to set cows straight”? Yeah, youre a fanboy.

All I see are fleeting and desperate (mostly completely subjective) forced responses in order to prove to everyone youre just a contrarian. Good job on generic cookie cutter thread number 5,494,500 that just needlessly tries to defend the xbox one without anything even remotely true or factual.

I smell a banned account alt.

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Maybe because it seems to run all multiplats better, costs less, is significantly more powerful (and that's not an opinion, it's a fact, proven by, among other things, the superior multiplat performance), and it's outselling the X1 by pretty decent margins worldwide, and it doesn't come with Kinect.

I mean, if you actually wanted a legitimate and logical answer to your question. But I'm sure you didn't.

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Because the PS4 is better in every single way possible....

Price - PS4 is cheaper by a $100

Power - PS4 is stronger by a significant margin

Multiplats- Every single multiplat is superior on the PS4

1st party studios - Sony's first party is light years ahead of M$. ND alone destroys anything M$ can come up with and that's without me mentioning Media Molecule and Sanata Monica Studios.

Games- PS4 has more games on it right now than Xbone while maintaining a higher metacritic average for said games on top of that.

Sales- PS4 is demolishing the Xbone in every country right now but Brazil

Design-PS4 is not only smaller and better looking, it is better designed. Uses less power than the Xbone and still is more powerful with the powerbrick inbuilt.

Controller-PS4 controller is better. It does more stuff and it doesn't use shitty AA batteries from the 80s.

Philosophy and minds behind consoles- PS4 is by gamers for gamers designed by a genius called Lord Cerny. Xbone has Don Mattrick and Steve Balmer behind its philosophy, and also the idea of sneaking an NSA spycam into your home.

Love and Support- PS4 is the darling of hardcore gamers and indies. Xbone is hated by both casuals and hardcore gamers, and it doesn't get indie love.

#DEALWITHIT lems, even Mattrick dealt with it...

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Lems can't seem to take a break.

PS4 is superior, dude, get over it. It's cheaper and Kinect is forced down XB1 owners' throats. Part of the reason I haven't gotten one yet. I'm getting both at some point this year, but the fact remains, the roles have been reverse this time around. PS4 will be the lead platform for games. Sony has listened to gamers and developers, and the PS4 is a GAMING CENTRIC console, with hardware that's very simple to code for and more efficient for developers. Simple as that.

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I'm usually not rude on the forums and I respect your opinions....."BUT" I ain't reading all that $***!

Is it REALLY that important to you WHAT people think? WOW dude....just wow

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@the_bi99man said:

Maybe because it seems to run all multiplats better, costs less, is significantly more powerful (and that's not an opinion, it's a fact, proven by, among other things, the superior multiplat performance), and it's outselling the X1 by pretty decent margins worldwide, and it doesn't come with Kinect.

I mean, if you actually wanted a legitimate and logical answer to your question. But I'm sure you didn't.

Does it run any games that are exclusive to this new generation better? I mean games not on PS3 or 360 as well? I honestly don't know.

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This writing looks familiar................ I wonder who's alt this could be.

Any guesses?

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Do any of you really think this isn't a fakeboy? Good thread....

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@Northernboxer said:

Do any of you really think this isn't a fakeboy? Good thread....

I think you under estimate Lemmings stupidity.

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@lostrib said:

And this is what we call "Damage Control," ladies and gentlemen

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i thought system wars died...

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Because statistically, the PS4 has better hardware all across the board, it runs games better than than the Xbox One, its $100 cheaper, and it doesn't force a useless camera on you. Whats not to like? The Cloud was suppose to be the saving grace for the Xbox One, but stripping the always online requirement the Xbox One originally had destroyed that idea, and in reality, the cloud couldn't really do anything other than host servers, and be used for things like game saves and AI. Now the Lem's are saying DirectX 11.2 will be the saving grace allowing 6GB of textures to be stored away in the eSRAM, and because Microsoft owns DirectX, that magically makes it superior than the PS4's Open GL, but they fail to realize something. Open GL is nearly identical to DirectX, and according to Valve, its faster, and easier to use than DirectX. Which means if this DirectX 11.2 did put the Xbox One ahead of the PS4 graphically, there's no reason an update couldn't come out for Open GL to do the same thing DIrectX is doing. After all, isn't that how technology works? Nvidia releases a new graphics card that is more powerful than AMD's latest. So what does AMD do? They release a card that tops Nvidia's latest. And so on, and so on. My point is, if DirectX 11.2 really does put the Xbox One ahead, Open GL will do an update that will top, or at least equal what DirectX 11.2 is doing.

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More for less. PS4 wins.

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Sad that this is person serious. Some lemmings simply cannot comprehend that a Microsoft console is not the strongest in a generation. I know a lot of people are butthurt because they did not think Sony had the resources to make comparable console, let a superior one. Having it be cheaper as well is just adding insult to injury.

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PS4 is stronger, and lol at you thinking a directX update will make up for Xbone's weak GPU.

And 1080p or 720p is a big difference.

Enjoy your butthurt though.

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I agree with everything the OP said.

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OP talks like a viral marketer...

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My god this sounds like playground propaganda trying to justify why one is better over the other. Ps4 is more powerful we get it :p

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Wow major lem damage control here.

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Oh you are precious. I want to take you home and keep you!

You're either trolling, or just very dumb, I don't care either way, it's amusing.

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Because announced exclusives, superior hardware meaning superior multiplats, no forced Kinect and it's cheaper. There you go.

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Can you explain why games look superior on the PS4 so far TC?

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Lems=Dumb for believing that Software can make up the power difference between the XB1 and the Ps4

Cows=Dumb for thinking the power gap is actually as big as 50%

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Dude technology and hardware does not lie, no matter what you say, no matter how much you praise Kinect, TV, VHS, HALO facts do not change

PS4 is more advanced and more powerful than X1

PS4 > X1

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As a gaming machine it is, because of cold hard facts. Sorry TC. That's all that needs to be said.

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In the future, please use factual information to back up an argument or state opinion. Thank you.