Why do sheep constantly defend Nintendo's practices?

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I dont get it. Nintendo releases 2 last gen consoles in a row, they overprice the wii u and gimp it beyond words, they launch the wii u with no games for a whole year, they admit they cannot compete, they don't support unified accounts, they focus too much in useless gimmicks which overprices their underpowered sysems, they price the 3ds at $250 and drop the price $80 in less than a year, they continue to make the same games over and over again, they continue to alienate 3rd party developers, and they continue to make horrible excuses. Why do sheep put up with their incompetence? Don't you want more from nintendo? Wouldn't it be nice to own a Nintendo console as a primary system? I just don't get how sheep can continuously defend Nintendo.

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Why do cows defend Sony? Why do lemmings defend Microsoft? Why is the grass green?

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Not all sheep defend their practices, dude. Even I found some things they did dumb.

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This thread isn't a good example og the correct way to use the question/answer feature. Let's also try to make threads that are a bit more substantive.