Who here liked the new Dante?

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Unpopular opinion I kno, but I kinda liked the guy. Been a fan of DMC ever since the 1st and its probably my second favorite franchise of all time after MGS, and I still prefer the old Dante as I grew up with him but I didnt thought at any moment the new one was a "emo whiny little bitch" like many says... I still thought he was badass in its own way (a punk/grunge kinda way). Not once ever do I remember of him behaving like some sort of emo or whinning in the game (contrary to "fill your dark soul with LIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGHT!" Dante). Yes he had some cheesy lines and sweared a lot but I still had some giggles from some clever lines he said. One could argue its opinions but I believe most of the hate towards him comes from the negative propaganda against this game ever since the beggining.

anyway, whats your thoughts on this matter? why did/didnt you like him? And please try to be non-bias in your response (somethin I now it wont happen in some replies)

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I thought he was pretty good. He grew on me after a while. He could be a bit too high strong at times but overall he was likable. Would still prefer old school Dante.

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I didn't even like the old one! Come at me bros! :P

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I love the new Dante, hopefully they keep him.

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Since the announcement of the game - I disliked

By the time I finished the actual game - I liked.

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I really enjoyed the Dmc reboot and the new Dante. I'm hoping they make a sequel sometime in the future!

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#7 Posted by Heil68 (57856 posts) -

I did. I enjoyed the game a lot and he didn't come across "emo" to me.

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I was a huge fan of the original Dante and disliked the new design, but I have it a chance and I liked the new Dante a lot and even the story, I hope to see a DMC 2 but the first apparently sold awfully and it's such a shame because it was such an underrated game and I liked the new Dante though he didn't have to swear every 5 seconds but still good IMO

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@Heil68 said:

I did. I enjoyed the game a lot and he didn't come across "emo" to me.


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I think the new dante was great, he was irreverent when he needed to be and was serious when the time was appropriate. I think it was a great character action game and dante was fine. The problem with serious gamers is we make a mountain out of a mole hill of the smallest details.

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Didn't like him when the game was announced. after playing the game he grew on me. Now I find I like his personality better than old Dante.

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He's okay. I had a great time with the game.
Give me my classic white-haired hero any day though :p

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I recently played and beat teh game. At first dante came off kinda annoying with the whole lone wolf and being grumpy but he comes around and becomes likeable and fun to be around.

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@Heil68 said:

I did. I enjoyed the game a lot and he didn't come across "emo" to me.

yeah he wasn't bad, i still prefer old one though

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I didn't really like the old dante, but I can't even judge the new one because I still haven't played DmC. Actually, Ninja Theory games were among my least favorite from last gen (heavenly sword and enslaved are the two I completed). All flash and no substance.

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I didn't really like him that much. Old Dante had a fine line that worked when presenting his cocky attitude, but with the new Dante, they tried too hard to make him edgy, such as his dick jokes with his brother and writing "F you" on the clipboard.

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Old Dante was one of my favourite characters in gaming. New Dante.. can't stand the emo-phaggy look.

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I hated Capcom's Devil May Cry games and their Dante. I thought Ninja Theory did A much better job on both.

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I actually didn't mind him at all and the game was great. Some of the other characters in the game were far more annoying.

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@blue_hazy_basic said:

I didn't even like the old one! Come at me bros! :P

Beat me to it.

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No. I also didn't dislike him either. I was indifferent towards him. He kept the snark, but he lacked the raw cheeseball capcom camp the original dante had. Which made him more endearing, and this one just well a smart mouth. Which is fine I guess.

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#22 Posted by wolverine4262 (20831 posts) -

*raises hand*

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He seemed like your typical rebellious teenager. I thought he was hilarious in a cheesy way. I actually want a sequel, and they should definitely fix the auto-lock with that.

He matured rather fast towards the end, which leaves me excited how he would act in a sequel. I'm hoping more bad ass and adult-like, while having some cheesy lines.

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The old Dante sucked. The new Dante and the new DmC were way better than the old ones. I never played DMC3 though

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New dante is awesome!

found the game to be really good as well.

I hope they never go back, NT done a really great job

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He seems like a decent character. I prefer the old Dante as well, but the new Dante doesn't deserve all the hate. If his name wasn't Dante, then a lot of fans probably wouldn't have reacted so negatively.

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Preferred him to the original actually. Always hated Dante. Unflappable, macho bullsh!t characters never get me.

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Pretty indifferent to him really. Never hated nor loved him. I liked the old Dante because he was funny at times. Can't remember any good scenes with the new one though?

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I'm pretty sure people only called him a whiny emo after he was first shown.

But to answer the question, I didn't like him (though I haven't finished the game, so idk if he gets any better).

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#30 Posted by misterpmedia (6209 posts) -

Like the contemporary spin on it. Hated his attitude and prickness but loved the design and stuff.

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He's an annoying little shit. Old Dante is much cooler.

There is nothing redeemable about new Dante's character.

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I did like the new DMC cause it actually had context in comparison to the old one which just felt disjointed all over the place. I even went as far as drawing an image of the new Dante which can be seen in my blog

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He was okay, there was nothing all that bad about him. The old Dante might have been better, but that doesn't make the new Dante worse. There's nothing wrong with his appearance at all, but I thought they could have worked a bit on his personality.

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He's horrible ... at least they fixed his looks a bit , from the first trailer ...

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Dante in DMC3 is my favorite. Just make more games with that Dante. I havent played the reboot yet, but Im gonna pick it up soon since the game is now under $20 for ps3. Its still $50 for steam! Wtf?