Who here actually likes the Vita and/or the Wii U?

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#101 Posted by _Matt_ (10438 posts) -

I got a Vita day 1, no regrets, it's a great system.

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#102 Edited by yokofox33 (30774 posts) -

*raises hand*

I like my Vita a lot actually. It has some good, quirky games that I enjoy. Plus it's given me the opportunity to play FFX on the go if I so choose. Same with Persona 4. I don't play my WiiU a lot, but I actually like the system. I mainly enjoy it for the 1st part Nintendo titles.

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#103 Posted by PS4TrumpsXbox1 (1370 posts) -

for the wii U, i rarely buy games for it (just nothing out there that interests me) and when I do I usually play if for a couple days maybe a week and it goes back to collecting dust. Most recent games I bought were Mario 3D World, Pikmin and Lego Undercover (all around each games release dates). Hopefully the "blockbuster" titles coming out later this year (Mario Kart, Smash, Bayonetta, maybe X) will keep me more interested and help the system build some steam....