Who are your top 5 developers as of RIGHT NOW?

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  1. Platinum Games
  2. Atlus
  3. Capcom
  4. Sony Santa Monica
  5. Nintendo

What about you, SW?

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Excluding 1st party-

  1. From Software
  2. Capcom
  3. Insomniac
  4. Persona studio
  5. Nihon Falcom
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I can’t name 5 as quality is inconsistent with a few (Respawn, Nintendo, Dice), but I like Turn 10, 343, and Rare.

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1. Nintendo

2. Capcom

3. Platinum Games

4. Square-Enix

5. Namco Bandai

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For my top 5 favourite non-racing game developers are:

  1. 343 Industries
  2. EA DICE
  3. Bungie
  4. Intelligent Systems
  5. Valve
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  • From Software
  • Larian Studios
  • Arkane Studios
  • Paradox Interactive
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Sony Santa Monica , Naughty Dog , Insomniac , Guerrilla Games , From Software. I also like Kojima Productions and Sucker Punch.

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OK. I think most publishers and developers are going through a dark period of turmoil and heavy soul searching. (Activision) Blizzard, EA, Bioware, Bethesda have all fallen from grace. Their contents splattered across the earth. This generation has been a massacre. Luckily, despite being written on this dark page for most of the industry, there are devs that just keep doing the right things. And these come to my mind right now:

1. Nintendo EPD. Never had a NES/SNES. I had zero nostalgia for Mario/Zelda until OOT hit me hard. People saying Nintendo scores on nostalgia? You're dead wrong. This generation they have impressed me with raw, pure 24k game design quality. I consider them the current masters of video game design. I know we like to laugh at the things that Nintendo gets wrong, but when they get things right (like their bigger DLC's and bigger titles) it's something that will be analysed and taught in game design classes. They got some of the best understanding of gaming, level designers and music design as well.

2. Capcom needs to be on here. They fought for this list. This is the day they were dreaming of. They are, like Nintendo, making the right decisions. The only thing they're messing up is their Switch support. But if this is what messing up looks like... Then by all means keep going. Like Nintendo it's... they somehow got their hands on some gaming ninja's who know exactly what's up. It's real interesting stuff but I can't talk to you about it because I value life.

3. Platinum Games. Crazy thing is, I didn't even think that much of Nier: Automata. What?! Yeah. But I think with Bayonetta they made the most iconic character of the past 2 generations. They also make the best fighting mechanics in gaming that are not in a fighting game, and they are the only developers in existence who are not afraid to keep creating new IP. I think that Astral Chain will be underrated, and will actually be a damn good game.

4. CD Projekt Red. Doing right by their customers. That matters a lot to me. Somehow they always pick the best source material. They turn it into something special. They know what is cool and what is of value about their source material. That's something that gets lost on a lot of developers. But most importantly: They keep supporting their games and it's love love love. And I don't know who is making their trailers but I need to place a towel on my chair whenever they show a new one. In a world where Bethesda exists, these guys are like gaming angels.

5. Larian Studios. Again, their love for their games and the love for their audience is speaking volumes. IMO they have the best writing in games right now and they keep supporting them. Free massive updates. Absolutely fantastic studio, nothing but praise for them. I will even forgive them for being Belgian.

Retro Studios should have been on here but they haven't released a game in ages. In my heart they're number 1. Metroid fan 4ever.

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  1. SEGA
  2. Capcom
  3. CD Projekt-Red
  4. FromSoftware
  5. Inti Creates
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2. Nintendo

3. Capcom

4. Atlas

5. Platinum Games

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@sakaixx: Atlus makes the Persona games.

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By no particular order:

Hello Games




Media Molecule

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1. Nintendo

2. Intelligent Systems

3. Square Enix

4. Team Cherry

5. Atlus

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@fedor: it will meant including smt studios which personally is pretty average. Some high like the devil survivor and strange journey and some lows like smt IV.

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  1. RockStar
  2. CDPR
  3. Capcom
  4. Supermassive games
  5. Remedy
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I don't know anymore, I just wait to see what Devolver publishes and buy that.

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None. Everyone has been a let down lately.

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1. Naughty Dog


3. Nintendo

4. From Software

5. Rockstar

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Roughly in order:

  • Nintendo
  • Platinum Games
  • Playdead
  • Rockstar Games
  • Ninja Theory

Old favourites: Valve, Irrational Games, Bioware, Bungie

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1. Nintendo

2. Capcom

3. Square-Enix

4. Konami

5. Intelligent Systems

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  • Nintendo
  • Atlus
  • Platinum Games
  • From Software
  • Arc System Works

Honorable Mentions: Capcom, Naughty Dog, Turn 10 Studios, Rockstar, Blizzard.

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1. CD Projeck Red

2. Rockstar

3. Sony

4. Warner Bros.

5. Bioware