Which is worse? EA or Activision

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Posted by FreedomFreeLife (3948 posts) 3 years, 9 months ago

Poll: Which is worse? EA or Activision (61 votes)

Activision 48%
EA 52%


Milking, milking and refuses to make good games and makes too much Call of Duty DLCs. They make games based on movies and those games are always bad.


Cutting game half and wants DLC for everything. Some games are good but not all.

When Activision milking games than EA milking DLCs

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#1 Posted by FreedomFreeLife (3948 posts) -

Activision games:

Call of Duty, Transformers, Tony Hawk's, Fast & Furious, SpongeBob, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct, The Amazing Spider-Man 2

EA games:

The Sims, Mirror´s Edge, Titanfall, Plants vs. Zombies, Dragon Age, Need for Speed, Battlefield, Fifa, Madden NFL, Dead Space, Mass Effect, Crysis, Star Wars

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#2 Posted by ninjapirate2000 (3347 posts) -

I'd take EA just because they have some solid games. But they aren't the lesser of two evils.

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as usual, freedomfreelife is right on the money.

it's weird how ea/activision refuse to make good games. surely that would be good for business?

i think one of them should press release that they will try to make their future games 'good'. and the person should deliver the line with sincerity, candor, and contrition.

... and ... scene.

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#4 Posted by hrt_rulz01 (15629 posts) -

I don't mind EA to be honest... I've never had a problem with them. And some of their studios are favourites of mine (ie. Bioware).

As for Activision, I rarely buy their games.

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#5 Posted by nintendoboy16 (34382 posts) -

Activision has been 'quiet' with a lot of their BS in comparison to EA these days.

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activision cares a lot about money and hardly support games if they don't succeed.


EA is money grabbers and will do anything they can to get a penny. never delay games, removes features to sell in dlc, microtransactions in most of their games with dlc on day one, Was the ones who started the online pass crap and plenty fucking more and Peter got the nerve to say gamers don't like change... NO we just don't like your garbage change

EA does make more solid games then activision though but got some of the worse policies in the gaming world

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#7 Posted by Cranler (8809 posts) -

Ea has a better library overall plus EA aren't so stingy on msrp price drops. For example Mass Effect 3 msrp is $20 while Singularity is $30. Mass Effect 3 came out about 2 years later.

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Activision is pretty bad, besides milking their only other games are shitty licensing deals. Then they had that whole West and Zampella incident with Infinite Ward too, which they didn't handle gracefully. I'd say Activision is a much worse company than EA.

I feel bad though think of EA as bad at all in comparing them to Activision in such a manner. EA actually makes good games that are fun and lots of different types of games. Sure they milk their stuff too, but there's a lot more to pick from, and many of those games are immensely gratifying.

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#9 Posted by musalala (3033 posts) -

To be honest activisions only crime is making games people want like WOW expansions, COD etc, EA on the other hand actively attempt to screw you over repeatedly, they knowingly release broken games and their greatest sin in my opinion is the number of great studios/franchises that have been destroyed

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#10 Posted by SYSTEM-REBOOT (658 posts) -

EA. no matter how bad activision are. they are one dimensional.

EA on other hand want to ruined every classic franchise.

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your threads op.

actually no, your englando. can anybody understand this f****t?

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I dislike Activision more then EA for sure. There are many reasons to dislike EA, but atleast they take a chance every full moon.

Activision is pretty much the EA with no risk taking, and all the negatives.

Which is a shame really, on both accounts, EA jumps from being pretty good, to outright aweful, Activision WAS good a long time ago. But the Policies they follow nowadays are a far cry from the Companies WHO clearly loved games and wanted to help publish the gems they saw.

Too much Corperate BS from people WHO rarely if ever know anything about games in general, and I often question the logic in putting people WHO clearly knows nothing about games in charge of such a Company, sure they know about finances, but when they themselves clearly don't understand the product they are selling, the reasons for buying them becomes iffy.

But EA atleast tryies, they discount games faster, they outright offer games for free, they DO offer decent support for the games they sell (although they are also masters of disasters). They try something different from time to time as stated above. Of the big 3 (Ubi, EA, Activision) I honestly like EA the most, Ubisoft is a trainwreck, if you Wonder why I dislike them, just take a two year trip back in time and examine the BS they've done (DRM, broken games, horrible stagnent game design, and out right offensive). Activision I already covered, a bit, but mostly hostile Development envioment, killing devs as the same Pace as EA, but hiding it under the rug, highly Priced games, that by all accounts should be considered Expansion packs and not full games (I am looking at you CoD series).

EA is not exactly a good thing for the industry no, but of the three big ones? They might be the best.

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You forgot about their BIGGEST dick moves:

closing or butchering studios that produced amazing games

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#15 Posted by jg4xchamp (61470 posts) -

Activision is shady, but these days their largest issue is that they are super conservative. They are a blockbuster company, and at this point their only merit to the industry is that they release Call of Duty, WOW expansions, and soon Destiny, with some licensed stuff here and there. Safe, predictable, but at the least it's not Call of Duty doesn't work as intended, and Blizzard isn't holding up their end. From what I got out of the Destiny alpha it seems right solid on all acounts.

EA is far more infuriating given that they've had some quality IP's with potential under their belt, and their hand has led those games in poor direction. Battlefield was once this mighty multiplayer experience that they thoroughly compromised with Battlefield 4, and Hardline isn't exactly looking good either. The Sims were on a good run, and then there was the Sim City fiasco. Dead Space was a solid start to the series, and then we ended up at Dead Space 3: shoot the necromorph moon (I wish I was fucking kidding). Crysis? admittedly this one is also on Crytek, but again another bastardized child.

They closed Pandemic, they closed the Command and Conquer guys after one misfire (as opposed to actually giving them another shit to fix it). Madden because of the lack of competition has gotten away with poor handling, and you know wwhat the COD model is what they should adopt for Madden. Imagine some of the general moment to moment improvements Madden (and their sports games in general) would get if they had 2 teams working on them on a bi-annual basis. Nope, why do that when the status quo is working out perfectly fine.

Activision for all their shit coming has a better understanding of taking advantage of their ips these days. They are safe and boring though. EA? the fact that they have games with potential, that they routinely are finding ways to compromise I would argue is more frustrating. Call of Duty being more Call of Duty is at least whatever, why mess with what sells? I buy that argument. But Battlefield being straight broken? come on, son. It's EA, and it's not close.

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#16 Posted by Lulu_Lulu (19564 posts) -

Activision is actually pretty decent Publisher and its just Popular to hate them, EA on the hand has Origin and that is just unforgivable. Also I love milking, its awesome. ;)

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#17 Posted by sukraj (27508 posts) -

@walloftruth said:

They're both terrible, doesn't matter who's worse

I agree

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#18 Posted by Krelian-co (13274 posts) -

@Lulu_Lulu said:

Activision is actually pretty decent Publisher and its just Popular to hate them, EA on the hand has Origin and that is just unforgivable. Also I love milking, its awesome. ;)

Another try hard post.

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#19 Posted by freedomfreak (50217 posts) -

@jg4xchamp: Yea, all of this.

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#20 Posted by Roler42 (1067 posts) -


Activision is only guilty of mediocrity, EA actively tries to rip people off

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Your threads give them both a run for their money. At least games from EA and Activision tend to have some positive aspects.

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#22 Posted by hiphops_savior (8444 posts) -

Two words will end this thread: Dungeon Keepers.

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EA is the worst by far. They destroy nearly all of their promising IPs by the third installment. The majority of them are awful by the second. They just ruin good games. Their business practices mostly suck, too.

All Activision does is give Call of Duty fans what they want. It's hard to begrudge that.

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#24 Posted by Lulu_Lulu (19564 posts) -


Just another day in System Whores. ;)

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#25 Posted by Lulu_Lulu (19564 posts) -


I'm a huge fan of Activsion's other published games, Particularly Spidey Man. Plus Call Of Duty still does Splits Screen and I can't bring my self to hate them for that....

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#26 Posted by RoccoHout (1076 posts) -

Activision is worse, gotta give them credit for selling the same game for full price each year and keep breaking records though. EA atleast makes decent games.

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Your threads

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#28 Posted by Heil68 (57942 posts) -

I enjoy games from both, so neither.

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#29 Posted by foxhound_fox (97010 posts) -

Activision is merely getting their production staff to make an awful lot of sequels to their existing IP. EA is actively trying to deceive and mislead their customers into their poor quality products (see "next-gen" sports games, Dungeon Keeper, etc).

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#30 Posted by brimmul777 (3540 posts) -

@Heil68 said:

I enjoy games from both, so neither.

I agree with this comment.

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#31 Posted by fgjnfgh (2650 posts) -

Sadly, EA has my favorite game ever, Mass Effect. And EA further kept going and brought Titanfall which is also becoming my favorite online game. I don't understand why Microsoft hasn't bought those 2 games first place, at least buy ME which was first published by you.

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#32 Posted by AzatiS (14238 posts) -

Both are ...THE SHIT!

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Back in 80s , Activision . Now , EA .

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#35 Posted by MonsieurX (37251 posts) -

Your threads are the worst.

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You know that EA is worse when people don't even mention CoD's milking because they're too busy talking about Battlefield's decline in to bullshit land.

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#37 Posted by Zen_Light (2143 posts) -

EA is significantly worse than Activision these days. Still, we buy and enjoy their games. Maybe we shouldn't criticize them so harshly because of that.

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This thread again?

EA wins from now and until forever. Now you can stop making these.

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#39 Posted by LegatoSkyheart (29702 posts) -

I'll say EA, because despite Activision being total garbage....They haven't ruined Call of Duty like EA has Battlefield.

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#40 Posted by nintendoboy16 (34382 posts) -

@parkurtommo said:

You know that EA is worse when people don't even mention CoD's milking because they're too busy talking about Battlefield's decline in to bullshit land.

But there's also the microtransactions (Dungeon Keeper), always online DRM (Sim City), and probable DLC schemes (Sims 4).

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#41 Posted by UnbiasedPoster (1134 posts) -

EA is much fucking worse.

Hell, EA's past 12 months is more egregious than Activision's history.

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#42 Posted by cainetao11 (33538 posts) -

Stupid thread. These are businesses not church groups. Business is cut throat. Get off your pedestal.