Which is the best Tekken game?

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#1 Posted by RadecSupreme (4824 posts) -

So for any Tekken fans here who have played all the games? Which do you think is/are the best overall when it comes to presentation, gameplay, style, and story.

For me it has to be Tekken 2,it has a memorable intro, awesome gameplay, a lot of great characters that never made an appearance again, and awesome music like the character select screen music. The story for each character was alright. The gameplay was more challenging and same as Tekken 3. All of them are great fighting games but overall I must go with Tekken 2. It might be the nostalgia that has me but damn, great game. Wish Namco would go back to its roots cause Tekken 6 was very mediocre story wise and presentation wise.

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#2 Posted by BigBoss154 (2956 posts) -

Tekken 3, or Tekken Tag Tournament.

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#3 Posted by Stinger78 (5843 posts) -
Well, I have 2 that I like the best - Tekken 3 for all the characters, videos, tekken ball mode and tekken force mode. Tekken 5 for the fact that it includes ports of the first 3 arcade games, along with StarBlade and of course has the same classic gameplay. Honorable Mention should go to Tekken Tag Tournament for bringing the game into the "next generation" - the graphics in-game were almost as good as the cgi videos seen in 3. Bowling was also fun in short bursts. Out of those I would have to say 3 due to the impact it made at that time. I do have to add that Dark Resurrection and Tekken 6 on PSP both did an excellent job in making the experience portable - I even prefer the PSP version of 6 over the console version.
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#4 Posted by funsohng (29841 posts) -
Tekken 3 was a revelation.
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#5 Posted by GreenGoblin2099 (16988 posts) -

3 IMO...

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I didn't really like it, but 3...

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#7 Posted by mrmusicman247 (17601 posts) -
3 or Tag Team
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#8 Posted by DreamCryotank (1829 posts) -

Tekken 3. Gon ftw. :D

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3 or Tag Teammrmusicman247
This = win.
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Tekken 3 is the best tekken and tekken 1 and 6 are the worst.

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#11 Posted by madsnakehhh (16230 posts) -

For me, it has to be 3.

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#12 Posted by BIOKILLER123 (858 posts) -
Tekken 3.
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#13 Posted by DarkLink77 (32731 posts) -

I like Tekken Tag Tournament the best.

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#15 Posted by Witch24 (329 posts) -
3 and 5
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#16 Posted by Lto_thaG (22611 posts) -

Tekken 3.

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#17 Posted by N3xus9 (566 posts) -

Tekken 2 and 3 ... they have been a bit crap since then

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#18 Posted by aia89 (2664 posts) -

Tekken 3 and 5

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#19 Posted by Twin-Blade (6805 posts) -

Tekken 3. Followed by either Tag or 5.

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#20 Posted by apollo1980 (159 posts) -

Tekken 3...Had a huge line-up and i was just wowed at how close it was to the arcade version at the time

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#21 Posted by coreybg (2608 posts) -

3 was the most awesome I've played.

Always picked Yoshimitsu :P

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#22 Posted by campzor (34932 posts) -

Tekken 3, or Tekken Tag Tournament.

pretty much.. a decline in the series since. Gon is the dino!
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#23 Posted by ExESGO (1895 posts) -
I feel it is 3. 5 was okay. 6 was terrible.
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#24 Posted by Locutus_Picard (4041 posts) -

Tekken 3 wins by OST/music alone and for outstanding gameplay improvements.
Tekken 5 had the whole package gameplay wise.

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#25 Posted by WilliamRLBaker (28915 posts) -

Tekken 3. Gon ftw. :D


Is that dinosaur about to get it on with that Rabbit? the rabbits looking up like...""I need an adult...."" and the rabbits mother just sits in the distance like nothing is happening...

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#26 Posted by Renzokucant (3157 posts) -
Needs a poll.. tekken tag though
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I couldn't get into Tekken 1 or 2.. The blocky visuals wouldn't have ben a problem (for example Virtua Fighter2 kicks *** to this day), but those clunky, slow controls, man.. They suck.

On the other hand Tekken 3 is a million times better. Those smooth, responsive controls really hooked me, and the visual leap beetwen 2 & 3 is really immense. It was my favorite game of all times for a week or so. I unlocked every character, played on every difficulty, etc.

Maybe because i played them around 2009 for the first time is the reason i couldn't get into 1 & 2. But then again, Tekken 3 is e'fing fantastic.

Never played tag tournament, or Tekken 5 though.

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#28 Posted by 110million (14910 posts) -
Tekken 3 was awesome, I spent the most time with that with friends. The main modes and the mini-game modes were all pretty great. Next is Tag and 5 I guess, but 3 was the best by far for me.
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#29 Posted by Gen007 (11006 posts) -

Teken 3 and 5 were the major ones for me.

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#30 Posted by Swift_Boss_A (14579 posts) -

I enjoyed Tekken 4/5 and I hate to say it but the last EPIC Tekken game was Tekken Tag Tournament. It just seems the devs are refusing to evolve the game but instead cluttering the franchise with gimmicks like weapons and such. This is exactly the route Mortal Kombat went and the franchise fell, now Mortal Kombat is going back to its roots, scaling back the characters and developing an awesome fighting engine, which is the opposite of Namco who are going all out crazy silliness with Tekken Tag Tournament 2. Heck maybe its me and I have grown out of the series.

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#31 Posted by mavven (560 posts) -

Tekken 2!!! I can't forget 1997 when I first saw 3D gaming being played on arcade machine rather in tv :)

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#32 Posted by Numboar13 (33 posts) -

Tekken 2 I liked the music before it turned into that electronic rockish techno sound. Kazuya theme and devil as boss is better than true ogre. Plus it has the best 90s style intro video.

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#33 Posted by wickedcharlie25 (25 posts) -
Tekken TAG Tournament 2 is the one I play the most, because it's the best. But my favourite for it's time is Tekken 5, the music, graphics, character roster, prologues + interludes + endings, devil within mode, customisation, command list, it really is a great game. It also makes me the most nostalgic
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#34 Posted by lowkey254 (5964 posts) -

Tekken 3.

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#35 Posted by freedomfreak (49724 posts) -

Tekken 3.

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#36 Posted by blackace (23576 posts) -

Tekken 3, or Tekken Tag Tournament.

This ^ ^ ^ ^
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#37 Posted by Clock-w0rk (3378 posts) -

Tekken 3 was a godsend for the 3D fighting genre, I'd put Tekken 5 in second.

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#38 Posted by Suppaman100 (5250 posts) -


Tekken 3. Gon ftw. :D



Is that dinosaur about to get it on with that Rabbit? the rabbits looking up like...""I need an adult...."" and the rabbits mother just sits in the distance like nothing is happening...

No....just no. Tekken 3 is BY FAR the best. Best fighting game ever imo.
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#39 Posted by Michael0134567 (28651 posts) -

6 is.

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#40 Posted by Obviously_Right (5331 posts) -

Tekken Tag Tournament 2

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