Which is cheaper? PC or Console gaming?

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For hardware, it's touch and go. For me, I need a PC either way for non-gaming stuff, so add another $500ish and it becomes a gaming system.

For games and peripherals, I feel like PC's generally quite a bit cheaper, but then I guess you've got the second-hand market on consoles, so who knows.

To be fair, with all the quality indies, sales and freebies, and Game Pass and the like, either option can be easy on the wallet - just depends how you like to play really.

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@joshrmeyer said:

@miiiiv: If you have to drop $800 at once, I'd expect it to be cheaper. If you also factor in all the "free" games you get over that same period and all the discounts on games with the subscription, it easily pays for itself and more. I also rarely ever buy a game at more than $20. Maybe once a year it'll be one for $40-$45. But I guess this is nitpicking now lol.

You get a lot of free games on pc as well without a paid subscription, sure console gaming is cheaper up front but pc gaming can be cheaper in the long run if that's your aim

@npiet1 said:

Consoles are cheaper.

PC (new system) $1200 for something decent or $2k for higher end.

Consoles: $400-600.

Games are similar price, but there is more on PC with indies which are cheaper, anything good though usually gets a port.

Both last about the same, however if something does go wrong it's easier to fix a PC.

Next gen I'm just getting both consoles instead of a PC. I'll get a new PC when this one craps itself. I've got a 6gb 1060 so for me to warrant an upgrade I'll want the 2080 which is still $1k, my CPU will bottleneck the GPU so I'll need to upgrade that. That's at least another $400. So it's just cheaper to get both consoles if the rumoured price is true.

Even back when the ps4 was released in 2013 you wouldn't need $1200 to buy a pc that could keep up with the ps4. You could get a $800 pc with previous generation i5/i7 (ivy bridge) coupled with a radeon hd 7950 (also previous generation in 2013)

It's definitely not high-end but still performs better than the ps4, except for an occasional broken port.

Keeping up / slightly outperforming the ps4 can be cheaper over time (no online fees, cheaper games) with a gaming pc. High-end PCs are always more expensive of-course.

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Console is cheaper and easier.

If you want to move further however then basic gaming u go PC.

Unless you can deal with low end pc gaming then pc gaming is probably cheaper.

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console gaming.

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Long-term and for game enthusiasts, I have to say PC. The amount of satisfaction, the "upper limit", is just so much higher than to be found on anything console has that spending 1000 dollars on a modest PC instead of 350 on a console is totally justified.

Game sales also save me hundreds (thousands?) of dollars each year. I tend to buy 3-4 games per month and I think on average they cost about 15 dollars.

I bought a PS4 about a year ago and the average cost of the games was 40 dollars.

But if you're just looking to remain casual or play one game per month, console is probably the way to go. I know this is an abrasive thought, but honestly if you don't care about games that much, stick to console. If you do care about games, play on PC.

But, you know, people tend to own computers anyway, might as well spend a bit more and get a gaming computer.