Which Infamous game is the best

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#1 Posted by hardyz100 (25 posts) -

I would rate the following like this:

Infamous 9/10

Infamous 2 7/10

Infamous Second Son 8.5/10

So, which do you find to be the best infamous game.

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#2 Posted by _Matt_ (10424 posts) -

I have only played the first 2. I enjoyed both but preferred the first. Reason tells me I will enjoy Second Son the most.

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First game was one of the worst games I've played in the last gen, so not that one.

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I literally just finished Second Son, and it's definitely my favorite. It's the best playing and obviously the prettiest, but I preferred the story in the original. Infamous 2, while I don't view as a bad game, was the weakest in my opinion.

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