Which failure is bigger; Kinect or Wii U

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Posted by Indicud (745 posts) 4 years, 10 days ago

Poll: Which failure is bigger; Kinect or Wii U (41 votes)

Kinect 46%
Wii U 54%
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#51 Posted by nyzma23 (1003 posts) -

ps move and ps yeye ,sony ditched ps eye on launch lol

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#52 Edited by Cloud_imperium (14406 posts) -

Kinect . At least Wii U have some good first party games . I haven't seen single Kinect game working properly .

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#53 Edited by lostrib (49999 posts) -

Playstation Move

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@lostrib: @nyzma23:

DAT sweet deflection.

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I would say WiiU - the gamepad is used primarily as a Map, Options, Menu organizer in a tiny screen attached to a controller.......ALL can be done (Pre-WiiU) on a TV screen, you just have to press a button to open up a window.

Kinect at least is being offered as an OPTION and no longer shoved down consumers' throats.

Would I buy a $399 XB1? Nope, because PS4 does pretty much everything and better. Probably post E3 will help me decide.