Where to find patch size information???

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I have vanilla PS4, and so, hard drive space is always limited.

So, I'd rather avoid games that have massive updates, since the update+install would take way too much room on the HDD.

But. Trouble is, there is no way of finding out how big patches games currently have.

And asking about it on Reddit usually gives no helpful answers whatsoever.

So. You happen to know where one might get solid info on patch sizes on games?

This issue resurfaced last week, when I got Days Gone. The game turned out to have 40GB update. Yes, 40GB in all! So I had to delete old games to make room for it all. (turned out to be fools errand, as the game turned out to be rather weak, and full of bugs despite the 40GB, yes, 40GB, patch.)

Oh and devs, while they sometimes do release patch notes on their homepages, usually do not bother to list patch sizes on those patch notes...

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Sorry, I can't help you, but..

@henrythefifth said:

The game turned out to have 40GB update. Yes, 40GB in all!

What in the world.. There should be a bigass warning somewhere about that.

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Days Gone does have some really big patches.

But honestly there is no telling if the update replaces files or adds new files.

So a 40GB patch could only install 10GB worth of new data for example...

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If they don't have a website, just DM their page on social media. They usually reply.

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Depends on the game normally if the develpoer isn't doing it it's actually like really ahrd to figure out I think.