What's wrong with Mario?

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Speak your inconveniences before the face of video games!

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Mario's perfect.

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Mario's perfect.

Mario's sexy.
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He's gotten a bit safe recently, other than that his games are as fun as ever. Inb4 some dip says that tired "1980's cartoon rehash" line.
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Mario is a legend and I hope he never goes away.
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Mario's perfect.

Mario's sexy.

Mario's hawt.
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Gotta say I am disappointed in Super Mario 3D World... was hoping for a brand new adventure like Galaxy or Sunshine, instead we get a 3DS port. Whatever Nintendo, you've given up on the Wii U we know it. What would've been awesome is a sequel to Super Mario 64....

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He STILL alive.

Hopefully that'll change once Sony purchase Nintendo.

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He STILL alive.

Hopefully that'll change once Sony purchase Nintendo.

Once Sony purchases Nintendo....every franchise becomes Nathan Drake....including the entire Kirby franchise. :o
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rabblerabbleneverchangesrabblerabble rabblerabblerehashedtrashfromthe80srabblerabble
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inb4 1980's rehashes
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2D mario is the same as SMW.

3D mario is the same as Mario 64.

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Mario's perfect.

Mario's sexy.

would bang.
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2D mario is the same as SMW.

3D mario is the same as Mario 64.



That's actually not true.

SMW and SM64 were better if you ask me...

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Milked to death :?

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He's old and worn out.
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Mario has been around so long, he's permanently ingrained in the video game culture, he really is a legend, just like micky mouse. I love Mario games, and will never stop playing them.
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[QUOTE="foxhound_fox"]rabblerabbleneverchangesrabblerabble rabblerabblerehashedtrashfromthe80srabblerabble

Was I supposed to do that in the Hamburglar's voice?
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Gotta give Mario some props. Dude never gets up dat pink dress after saving Peach so many times yet he still puts up with that crap.

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Over-utilization.  Main games & SSB are fine (and Kart, albeit it suffers from rehashes just like every racing game), but reliance on his IP for the number of games produced by Nintendo studios has been wearisome.

Strikers, Basketball, Tennis, Party, etc. could go away and I'd not care.

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NES and SNES Mario games up to Super Mario World were amazing, including the Doki Doki Panic thing, which actually was way more interesting than the "real" Super Mario Bros. 2. Calling Yoshi's Island Super Mario World 2 was all kinds of dumb, no matter how you feel about the game itself. 

Mario 64 has its fans and it did a lot of revolutionary things, but for some of us Mario and exploration simply do not belong together. Sunshine was a lot of... Something. New Super Mario Bros. was when Nintendo discovered that there was an enormous audience for 2D Mario. New Super Mario Bros. Wii managed to do everything that New Super Mario Bros. did and then added the exact amount of extra humph that people wanted. Then came New Super Mario Bros. 2 and New Super Mario Bros. U which, good as they were, simply felt phoned-in, and for good reasons. You can't expect to recycle spirtes, assets, textures, sounds and an entire aesthetic for more than two games and still expect people to be excited (unless those games are Call of Duty). Twice, maybe, but can you imagine a third Zelda game on the N64 running on the same engine and looking just like Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask? Or, even worse, on the freaking Gamecube? They pushed it way too far. 2D Mario is awesome and I hope the New Super Mario franchise stays alive, but they sure have to shake things up there. 

The Galaxies were sweet. Exploration was gone and the aesthetic was just impossibly majestic. The music was astounding, evertything looked gorgeous and it played like a charm, even while still having some of the more annoying 3D Mario flaws, like mandatory power ups and the occasional puzzle. Both are things that 90s kids probably love, but 80s kids were used to "Going from point A to point B" design, which is the essence of a platformer, and being able to just beat the entire thing as small Mario if they wanted to. In fact, I'd say fact that I can't carry Yoshi around and play every level with him in Galaxy 2 or New Super Mario Bros. Wii means that Super Mario World simply had better level design (yes, you can't play the castle levels with Yoshi, TROLLOLOLOLO, I know. Shut up). 

Then we have Super Mario 3D Land and the new Mario Somethingsomething for Wii U which seem downright mediocre. If I were Nintendo, I'd take all the amazing aesthetics , music in particular, along with that creativity, ambition and "NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBRU, NOTHING!!!11" attitude from the Galaxies and use them to relaunch the New Super Mario Bros. (or 2D Mario with a different name) franchise. That thing would print money from a an entire freaking decade.

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[...] reliance on his IP for the number of games produced by Nintendo studios has been wearisome.Basinboy
Why? His likeness lends itself to almost anything they put him in, and it helps them take new risks on different ideas without having to worry too much about commercial recognition. It's clever use of the brand, and Nintendo has always and continues to make wonderful games. It's a shame people like you put such emphasis on "new" paint jobs rather than entirely different foundations.
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They are annualizing him and its bad. They rest too much on nostaglia for no reason on formulas that were never perfect to begin with. How many SMW and SMB3 references have the last 4 or 5 Mario games had? They've all just brought up so much from those games instead of opting to do stuff thats actually new. Reusing the SAME soundtrack in FOUR different New Super games is INSANE. Make music that is actually new, I hated that NSMB ever since I first heard it on the DS and they just won't let it go.

He keeps taking steps back and Im so tired of it. Galaxy 2 was amazing, but that game in someways also took a few steps back, despite being better than the few games that came before it. Lack of a real hub and exploration was a dissapointment. But the game its self was awesome. But Im beginning to have fears that they won't even do a galaxy 2 type game anymore, because apparently if a three year old can't play a Mario game and understand it right away then its too damn hard and Nintendo has to make it simpler.

Add some complexity to this series. Please..

I really wish Sakurai would take over and just do a Mario game. He's one of the only lead developers at Nintendo now that seems to get it imo, and isn't afraid to try new crazy concepts and interesting things, or keep up with Modern technology either. Kid Icarus had a multiplayer mode AND a cool Ar card game thing, when other Nintendo games never get that ambitous or do anything of the sort. They play it safe with offline singleplayer, limited mode nonsense. Sakurai has ambiton and thats why Smash Bros is one of the last Nintendo Franchises that seems sacred amongst the gaming community. When Mario and others have become total sellouts.

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