What was the best purchase you made this year?

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#51 Posted by commonfate (13320 posts) -

Frog courier in DotA 2. Everyone loves to make it hop around.

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#52 Posted by commonfate (13320 posts) -
@yokofox33 said:

Probably FFX/FFX-2. Takes me back to my glory years of gaming. Also my favorite game ever.

Replayed FFX on the Vita. Still a really fun game to play through.

Did notice that FFX-3 seems highly likely considering the extra scene thrown in post credits. I don't really feel like Spira has any more stories to tell but perhaps it'll feature the same cast just somehow in a different world.

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#53 Posted by melonfarmerz (1294 posts) -

Mechanical keyboard. Never thought the difference would be so huge.

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#54 Posted by xxyetixx (2823 posts) -

Xbox One with Kinect, Titanfall, COD:Ghost, and extra controller for $430....very satisfied with that purchase

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#55 Posted by GeoffZak (3715 posts) -

Tales of Eternia for the PS1 (Known as Tales of Destiny II in the states). I'm so lucky to have found it at a local retro games store.

It has become my second favorite Tales game. (My favorite being Tales of the Abyss still)

The story is pretty good, and I like the characters. But what makes this game stand out is how unpredictable it can be. I really like the mini-games which most other Tales games don't have. (At least not as much as Tales of Eternia does.) The puzzles are fun too. The game is really well designed, I'm surprised it flew under the radar.

Now I just need to get Tales of Destiny and I'll have all the Tales of games that were localized. I really wish I knew how great these games were back when they were initially released. I wouldn't have to pay $70 - $80 for them! lol

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#56 Posted by br0kenrabbit (15125 posts) -

I was late to the party and only picked up The Walking Dead Season 1 a couple of months ago. But damn dude...*chillbumps*

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#57 Posted by ChubbyGuy40 (26428 posts) -

Divinity: Original Sin collectors edition. It's just that good.

My new computer desk (Ikea Galant) is also very amazing and a very close 2nd best purchase. Got it a few days ago and still haven't gotten over how much room I have on this thing.

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#58 Edited by thehig1 (6212 posts) -

Not a game, my SSD drive was my best purchase and Windows 8. Holy hell my PC boots up in under 20 seconds. Everything runs so fast and smooth games dont even bother loading anymore, parts of games were I no there are loading screens are basically not there anymore.

Why have I waited so long to go SSD

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#59 Edited by pelvist (6715 posts) -

Definitely Original Sin. Except for The Witcher games, I was really going off the RPG genre but im looking forward to Wasteland and Pillars Of Eternity now.

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#60 Posted by PS4hasNOgames (2620 posts) -

@SolidGame_basic said:

For me it's my PS4. Got one brand new for $300 :). Been playing games like Battlefield 4 (best multiplayer of this year), Watch_Dogs, Destiny beta, MGS Ground Zeroes, and Injustice Ultimate Edition. Graphics and gameplay are great. You, SW?

may I ask how you got one for $300?

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#61 Posted by Minishdriveby (10520 posts) -

Dot hack quarantine for $80. I got it Monday. I'm extremely happy because that's pretty cheap for it.

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#62 Edited by SolidGame_basic (22344 posts) -

@ps4hasnogames: bought it used then traded it to gamestop when they had a bonus trade in towards purchase of a ps4 lol

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#63 Posted by charizard1605 (82661 posts) -

Mario Kart 8

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@SolidGame_basic said:

What was the best purchase you made this year?


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#65 Posted by lundy86_4 (48659 posts) -

Not... Much. As sad as that is.

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#66 Edited by cainetao11 (32736 posts) -


$300? You lucky dog. I would say my PC. I paid 1400, had a friend who knows way better than me, build it. I also got a new laptop that runs some of my games on steam better than my old dell did.

Titanfall, and MGS GZ were my favorite games I bought this year so far.

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#67 Posted by cainetao11 (32736 posts) -

@Blabadon said:

I'm super excited to get my 32GB card for my Vita tomorrow. Not terrible for $45.

Otherwise, Dark Souls 2 on PS3 for $13 and Gold Wireless Headsets for $55 were also awesome.

$45 isn't bad at all for the highway robbery Vita cards are usually.

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#68 Posted by Wiiboxstation (1240 posts) -

Mario kart 8 is the only game released this year that I play regularly. I would like to get donkey kong tropical freeze but my gaming backlog is just too big.

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#69 Posted by sukraj (27302 posts) -

@hrt_rulz01 said:

Probably Xbone... Having just PS4 wasn't doing it for me. Plus I prefer Xbox's exclusives abit more.

yep better exclusives on the xbox one.