What system do you want Persona 5 to be on?

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@Samus3D said:

3DS has a strong RPG audience, it would sell very well on that platform.

Wii U would bring in some sales and welcome the niche crowd next to Fire Emblem X SMT and Xenoblade II.

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@bbkkristian said:

Wii U. Would definitely cater to the niche crowd alongside FExSMT.

Putting it on a wii u would be a death wish in japan.

I think PS4/PS3/PS VITA would be the best choice, seeing as persona has always been a sony exclusive, and the persona fanbase own sony systems.

The Shin Megami Tensei series for the most part was Sony exclusive until brought over to Nintendo.

They decided to put the series on handhelds, Due to it's sub par sales on the ps2, plus with the handheld surge in japan, it was an obvious choice at the time, Persona doesn't need to change platforms, seeing as it sells well on sony platforms, plus persona 4 the golden managed to outsell shin megami tensei in japan, despite the 3ds having a much larger install base.

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@bbkkristian said:

@Sweenix: did you forget the Vita was on a deathbed before Persona 4 Golden? How is it different that Persona will be put on Wii U? The people will flock to it in the same way. Persona is drugs to people in Japan, so They will follow wherever it goes.

Only the hardcore audience will follow, the rest won't, it's the reason why tales series sold much much less on nintendo platforms.

Why put it on the wii u, when you could put it on a ps3 or ps4 or vita, and the sales will be much more? P4G was already in development for the vita before it was on it's death bed, so it's hardly a fair example.

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PS4 would be ideal, but I'd still be happy with it on Vita or PS3.

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PS4 for sure.

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I have absolutely no shits to give about Persona, so I do not care.

But since Sega bought Atlus, you'll be lucky to see it in the West at all.

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