What's SW's verdict on MGS Ground Zeroes?

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#1 Posted by SolidGame_basic (22210 posts) -

Was it worth the price of admissiont? Did you regret your purchase? Should others just wait till it comes bundled with Phantom Pain? I'm curious to know.

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#2 Posted by getyeryayasout (11457 posts) -

My verdict is that they are asking too much for a demo that would've been packed in with LOS 2 if they had any sense. Then again, it's selling really well at that price, so what do I know?

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MGS games are lolno.

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I replay MGS games more than I rightfully should, but yes I got more than my moneys worth. I didn't really start to burn out until about 20 hours in. Going for better ranks/unlocks, etc. kept me going until about the 30 hour mark. A lot of this time was spent just experimenting tbh, but I had fun. Definitely no regrets and I bought a PS4 just to play it.

Of course sinking so much time into a game like this, I also found plenty of flaws. Nothing game breaking, but I'm hoping a lot of these issues are ironed out by the time TPP releases.

The gameplay is excellent though (better than MGS has ever been) and the little bit of story that is there makes me think Kojima has stepped up his game in that area as well. Really has me hyped for TPP.

BUT... unless you're a big fan of the series and someone who enjoyed replaying the previous titles into the ground, you likely won't find much value in this. I think most people should wait for TPP.

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#5 Posted by slimdogmilionar (969 posts) -

I think it's pretty good but it should have been twenty dollars.

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#6 Posted by clone01 (26994 posts) -

I'd definitely like to try it. I know the price is a bit steep.

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#7 Posted by Heil68 (57720 posts) -

@clone01 said:

I'd definitely like to try it. I know the price is a bit steep.

that's why I'm going to Gamefly it

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if it was 15$ then it would be worth the price...

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@slimdogmilionar said:

I think it's pretty good but it should have been twenty dollars.

It was $20 dollars. Digitally.

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Was about to spend $30 on it then I saw Tomb Raider PS4 for the same price on PSN, that's when it truly hit me that $30 is simply too much.

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#11 Posted by UnbiasedPoster (1134 posts) -
  • Fun to play
  • Reflex mode is dumb
  • Did not mind paying $30 for it.
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I am happy with my purchase. The first ps4 game that had my attention since I got sick of bf4. You all know MGSTPP will be hyped as the best game ever made, just get the game

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#13 Posted by Ballroompirate (25867 posts) -

Well worth it

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Won't touch it till it's like $10. $30 for so little content. Just no. And I much prefer having physical copies.

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#15 Posted by Bardock47 (5429 posts) -

Went to get it launch day...picked up MGS HD collection for same price instead #noregrets

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#16 Posted by Netret0120 (3463 posts) -

I am waiting until the inevitable MGS5 complete edition and replaying the MGS legacy collection. I refuse to buy a demo for $30 despite my love for this series

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Cash Grab . Glorified Demo where main mission is average at best and have stupid ass ending .

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#18 Posted by handssss (1907 posts) -

fun, but definitely not worth the price. $15 at the most and I'm sure plenty would say that's being generous.

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#19 Posted by GrenadeLauncher (6843 posts) -

Got over eight hours playtime on it and I'm only at 50% completion.

All those reviewers who whinged can eat shit.

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#20 Posted by princeofshapeir (16593 posts) -

Worth it IMO, it sold me on the gameplay changes for MGSV and has convinced me that The Phantom Pain will be nothing short of a masterpiece.

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Short answer, a cock-tease for The Phantom Pain. Kojima, y u torture me? The wait is real.

But on a longer note, Ground Zeroes is meant for MGS fans. If you aren't a fan of the series, Ground Zeroes isn't for you. But if you haven't played MGS yet, go play the series, fall in love with it, then come back for GZ. But seriously, only get GZ if you are a fan of MGS. Tho, I am going to be a bit butt hurt if when TPP releases, you still have to play the GZ mission. But I still wouldn't regret my purchase because I love MGS so much.

On a note not relating to the topic, if you are someone looking to get into the series, I recommend playing the games in the order the story goes, to reduce confusion. The story goes MGS3, Peace Walker, Ground Zeroes, The Phantom Pain, MGS1, MGS2, MGS4. I played MGS4 first, and that was more than enough to make me get into the MGS games. Although, I wish I hadn't of played MGS4 first, because as much as I loved my first time playing it, I had no clue what was going on or who the characters were, and after the game ended, I could really feel a connection to those characters, but they didn't have as big of an impact on me as I know they would have if I had played the other MGS games first. Still, moments that were meant to feel "epic" still felt epic to me, even though I had no clue why they should. Looking at MGS4 now that I have played the others, that game is clearly a masterpiece, and IMO Kojima's best work. At least until TPP releases :p

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I played it borrowed so I didnt pay anything for it. I think the $20 price of admission for the digital versions is ok, the $30 price for the retail version is not.

I still gave it a 7.5 because it was very good while it lasted and made me excited for Phantom Pain. Snake's movement is very fluid and intuitive. Graphics are also ok, nothing groundbreaking.

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#23 Posted by LegatoSkyheart (29576 posts) -

wait for the packaged in bundle that comes with Phantom Pain.

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@Heil68: Do you have yours on your GameQ? I've had mine there for a week or two, and yet to ship. Still low stock. It's okay though, I'm really in no rush. It'll be a while before the next MGS game.

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#25 Posted by Heil68 (57720 posts) -

@Kaze_no_Mirai said:

@Heil68: Do you have yours on your GameQ? I've had mine there for a week or two, and yet to ship. Still low stock. It's okay though, I'm really in no rush. It'll be a while before the next MGS game.

yeah, but I had Thief in there before it. I figure once i get through with it and Infamous it will be medium availability. Doesn't matter though, no way I'm buying it, I'll wait.

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#26 Posted by Kaze_no_Mirai (11763 posts) -

@Heil68: Same, no rush and really don't plan on paying for something that short haha. Plenty to play either way.

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#27 Posted by BiggChonies882 (106 posts) -

Probably the only game on "Next-Gen" worth a damn. Logged 15 hours so far and can't wait to play more. It's just fun as hell.

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More Kiefer, please. He is such a dreamboat. <3

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Just finished it. Took me about 2.5 hours, and I've got a completion rate of 11%. Definitely gonna keep playing, and do the sidestuff.

Not sure how I feel about Mr. Sutherland. He's a bit plain. It reminds me a lot of when they replaced Michael Ironside in Splinter Cell. The new fella wasn't bad, he was just.. bland. It's how I feel about Sutherland so far.

The gameplay though. Jeesh. Very entertaining. Feels like a blend between past MGS games and SC: Blacklist. Faster, CQC'ing rocks, and nothing goes past the AI. It's a fun sandbox to mess around in.

I'm also impressed with the tone of the game. It's super cereal. MGS, before this one, always gave me this playful, anime-like vibe. Stuff that is just cool.

This though, man, there's some gut wrenching shit in it. I hope that keeps up for The Phantom Pain. Judging from the trailer we saw, I'm guessing it will.

But like someone else said, cocktease. The game is a cocktease.

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#30 Posted by uninspiredcup (24978 posts) -

What kind of an egotistical **** puts himself in a game, as himself?

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It looks pretty boring on Twitch.

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It's a lot of fun. Yes, the story is short, but it's one big sandbox you can replay. The extra missions to unlock change it up drastically simply by changing where you start on the map and what the time of day is. As a fan I'm pretty happy and even more excited for TPP.