What platform do you have Assassins Creed 4 on?

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What platform do you have Assassins Creed 4 on and are you enjoying it?!

How is the stealth in the game? Do you think the economy is actually functional this time?!

How would you rate the combat?!

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None. I don't have it.

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I keep series to one console family if possible. PS3 has all my AC games, except Liberation on Vita of course. Its a good game imo.

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I played on 360. The stealth is still pretty shitty but a big improvement over past games. Way too many listen in and follow missions. Combat is pretty run of the mill AssCreed, nothing special really. All your money comes from chests and missions. theres no x amount of money every 20 minutes like the last few games. It was a good AssCreed game, way better than 3.

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PS4 but I haven't got to it yet. Been playing KZ and BF4. Will probably start it tomorrow.

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I'm playing it on PS4. The game is alright, but I just don't like all the following this guy and that guy, and I really can't get into sailing so so much. It is an improvement over AC3, but it seems my favorite will always be AC2. I'm just starting to open up many of the quick travel locations, so I'm hoping the game starts to pick up some, but right now the game is starting to feel like a chore.

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Don't have it yet. Either getting it on PS3 or Wii U.

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It's my favorite AC game thus far. Love the sailing, combat at sea and such.... I'm not that far into it yet. Combat is the usual AC style.... I find the stealth mechanics to work better though.

Oh and I'm playing PS4

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Ass Creed so bad i don't know how and why would anyone spend $60 on that pos

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@silversix_ said:

Ass Creed so bad i don't know how and why would anyone spend $60 on that pos

Truly spoken like someone who hasn't played the game.

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PC but it's not QUITE out yet

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@silversix_ said:

Ass Creed so bad i don't know how and why would anyone spend $60 on that pos

Tears don't solve everything.

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Playstation 4 - 1080p+6ofps+Exclusive Content. What idiot would buy AC4 on the last gen console. PC and next gen are the definite version.

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@PhazonBlazer said:

@silversix_ said:

Ass Creed so bad i don't know how and why would anyone spend $60 on that pos

Tears don't solve everything.

UBISOFT is poopoo

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PC,still haven't finished it

As usual the stealth sucks balls.The combat is the same piss easy button mashing fest that was in AC 2 and all the rest.The tailing missions oh god the tailing missions just suck and there's so goddamn many of them.The mini games suck.The ai is terrible.On top of that they had to **** up desmond's story which was kinda interesting if you ask me.Now you play as some nameless,voiceless,faceless mute.

Hell you are not even an assassin,you are a pirate.Why even call this Assassin's Creed?

The only good part about the game is the sailing.The sailing is done really well and is very enjoyable but even that gets repetitive after 20+ hours of gameplay.The naval battles are cool the first 30 times,after that it just gets annoying.Plus once you upgrade your ship they are so easy that you might as well just not bother.Also the ship upgrades are ridiculously expensive just to pad out the game further by making you grind for hours.(you don't even need all of them to finish it)

Another thing i like about it is the world,it's massive and beautiful (at least maxed out on pc) so exploration is fun.

As usual the game is unoptimized though.I get 30-40 fps on max settings, at1080p on a good rig.(3930k oc,heavily oced 680(faster than a 770)

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@silversix_ said:

Ass Creed so bad i don't know how and why would anyone spend $60 on that pos

Because this is the first open world well made pirate game. This game is truly amazing. Also, there's no other game like Assassins Creed.

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I don´t have it yet but I will get it on the PC.

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PC, but need wait 2 days so it get unlocked on uplay

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PS3 plus it's awesome.

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Shame that there's so many tailing missions. Get them out of the game. They're boring. They have been since the first AC.

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I'll get it once it's cheap. The whole naval exploration intrigues me.

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Picking the special edition for Xbox One. I really want that awesome statue to put beside my Ezio and Connor statues. Assassins attack!

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I haven't even bought 3 yet. I will be buying 3 and 4 on PC.

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The PS4 where all my thrid party multi plat games will be played at.

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Have it already pre-ordered for PC, Golden Edition :D

PC version is amazing.It has like 4 different antiailising tecniques.

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Xbox 360.

It's awesome. Get it.

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@Trail_Mix said:

None. I don't have it.

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I plan on picking it up on the PC the first time it gets heavily discounted on Steam or Amazon.

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I'm playing it on PC for 5h now,amazing game.

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On the Ps4 and enjoying it in 1080p. It's better than the AC3. Being a pirate and blowing up ships is fun.

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Lol Assassin's Creed.

It's just COD disguised in fancy dress and a sword based in old times.

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I'll get it on Wii U when the price drops. That version looks great.

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Getting it this Friday for The One. This will be played after I sample all the exclusives.

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Ps4 and it's god tier. An amazing comeback for this franchise. I even like the present day reestablishing of a story. Applause all around.

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Just bought it for PC, won't be able to play it until tomorrow though, good ol' 18GB downloads.

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I have it on PS4 and while I'm only a couple hours in, its already better than AC3.

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PC...Because, why anything else? I'm hoping my aging 670 can keep the frames up on it with high settings, though I'm doubting it with all the newer features they have.

I just REALLY hope they have options to disable motion blur and depth of field. Those 2 "features" kill games on pc for me.

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Game is brilliant. So much better than AC3 in every way. I couldn't even finish AC3. So boring. AC4 is much more like AC2, which is my favorite Assassin's Creed game.

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Ps4 but haven't played it yet.

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Getting it on PS4, have to get something on that system :P