What is your favorite PlayStation console?

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Posted by charizard1605 (82622 posts) 3 years, 4 months ago

Poll: What is your favorite PlayStation console? (102 votes)

PlayStation 26%
PlayStation 2 45%
PlayStation 3 23%
PlayStation 4 6%

Sony has had a monumental impact on the gaming history- a long history of consoles (twenty years, to be precise, and second only to Nintendo in terms of their longevity), with each of their consoles being cutting edge, each of their consoles allowing third parties the resources to develop the kinds of games that were otherwise simply not possible at the time of their release.

But which of these consoles did you like the best? And why?

Here are my own rankings:

  1. PlayStation 2
  2. PlayStation 3
  3. PlayStation
  4. PlayStation 4

The original PlayStation suffers from the same problem that all machines from that era suffer from- it and its games have aged terribly. And I mean terribly. That, as well as the fact that I was never as much of a fan of the machine to begin with (although in later years, I developed an appreciation for some of its games, notably for Final Fantasy IX, Metal Gear Solid, Resident Evil 2) means I'm not as inclined to rank it as highly. The PlayStation 2, on the other hand, is the literal God Machine™- it's the console to end all consoles objectively perhaps the greatest console ever made, and certainly one of my own favorites. With industry wide support flocking to the console in a way that had never happened before or will never happen again, the PS2 was a hell of a machine. The PlayStation 3 is incredible too, and I will always remember it for the Sony exclusives that it birthed, most notably, Uncharted and LittleBigPlanet. It was my favorite console last gen, and would definitely land comfortably in my top ten of all time. The PlayStation 4 I would rank last, but I also want to point out, the machine has only just launched less than a year ago (and I have had it for half that time), so it obviously doesn't compare to the other consoles on this list list, all of which had a decade each to establish their library. Still, at least in the current moment of time, the PS4 is last for me.

What are your favorite PlayStation consoles? How would you rank them?

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Honestly if anyone votes PS4, you really have no idea on what is good qualitative gaming..

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PS2, easily. Its the only one that wasn't complete garbage even though it was made from complete garbage.

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playstation one

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PS1 or PS2 for me...I don't normally rank them.

I'd say PS1>2>3>4, I think...but I would be just as happy with PS2>1>3>4.

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Only ever owned the PS3 and PS4, and even though I have only one game I enjoy the PS4 more than the PS3.

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PS3 easily.

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PS2. PS3 was a train wreak for years until they turned it around, and the PS4 has nothing yet.

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PS2 . The most famous , best and last real console with great console centric games .


I ranked PS3 last because its hardware was crap and too difficult for lot of devs to program for . That's why PS3 missed alot of great multiplatform games and some of the big titles like Mass Effect 2 or SKYRIM were either delayed or got broken ports .

PS4 has no games yet but it will have in the future and this time it is getting love from PC devs as well . They are porting Witcher 3 on PS4 , unlike Witcher 2 for PS3 .

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While I loved the PS2s vast array of games, I spent the most time playing my PS3. I really didn't become a daily gamer until that console, so that's probably why.

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I voted PS2 because like TC said, it is the absolute gold standard for console libraries, and BC with the excellent PSOne library adds up to an embarrassment of gaming riches. I'll keep a PS2 and SNES hooked up to an old TV for as long as they last.

If all PS3's had PS2 BC I'd have probably chosen that. It will be a sad day if my launch model ever dies...

If I were ignoring BC and just grading libraries I'd probably go 2>3>1>4. The original PS had a great library for it's time, but like Char mentioned a lot of the games don't hold up well graphically. SNES games hold up better IMO. PS4 of course gets kind of shafted getting graded this early.

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I know I'm going to get crucified, but I didn't have another PS. Good thing for PSone/2 Classics.

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fad threads are bad threads

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  • Megaman X4
  • Chrono Trigger, Chrono Cross
  • Parasite Eve
  • Strider 2
  • Crash Bandicoot
  • Resident Evil 2
  • Metal Gear Solid
  • Xenogear's CD1
  • Gran Turismo
  • Suikoden
  • Silent Hill

Then PS2 because of CvS2 and MvC2 ports, Dragon Quest 8...

Now PS3 is the least I like because it was mostly shooters although there was Street Fighter IV and MVC3, in particular the online component of fighting games, Yakuza, Ninja Gaiden Sigma, Valkyria Chronicles... It had some stuff I liked but I had to look hard for it. PS4 is looking pretty bad though with so many subscription fees, lack of BC and features that were standard on PS3, F2P and remasters.

Or now that I think about it the least one I liked is the PS2.


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PS3 is winning?

Man, SW's taste is horrid.

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It's far too early to rank the PS4 so I'm not going to include it.

1. PS3 - It had a terrible start, but ended up having some really amazing exclusives that I loved in the second half of the generation.

2. PS1 - It had some good games, but nothing that I would call "amazing". The amazing games were on the N64.

3. PS2 - Not only my least favorite PlayStation console but also my least favorite console that I ever owned. If the PS2 was the only console I would have owned this generation, I would have liked it more since it did have great multiplats, but they were just inferior to the GameCube and Xbox versions so I never bought any multiplats for PS2. And for exclusives, it was dominated by Japanese RPGs which is a genre that I hate, so there was not much that I enjoyed playing on my PS2 except for God of War.

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#19 Posted by amari24 (1899 posts) -

PS1 > PS2 > PS3.

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#21 Posted by jg4xchamp (61445 posts) -

Playstation 2>Playstation 1>Playstation 3>Playstation 4(by default)

First and foremost I don't subscribe to a theory that a game has "aged" as much as I used to. I subscribe to the "that flaw was always fucking there, it just got glossed the **** over because x, y, and z". With that said that doesn't stop Vagrant Story from still being a good game, or Suikoden, or FF9, or Silent Hill, or the original Metal Gear Solid, Soul Reaver, Oddworld, or quite a few games from that era. Same thing with the n64, it's not like Majora's Mask can't clown most of the Zelda's that came after it. Conversely it's also not like the rather bland level design and over reliance on "secrets" was a new flaw for Mario 64, it always had it, it just got overlooked because ZOMG 3D.

That said the PS2 wins. Resident Evil 4, Devil May Cry 1 and 3, Shadow of the Colossus and Ico, FFX and 12, Silent Hill 2 and 3, Snake Eater, etc. It's a damn good system. With a host of exclusives and multiplats that would still be classic in their respect genres.

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PS1 for Mega Man 8, X4, X5, Thunder Force V, Fighting Force, Klonoa, Gundam Battle Assault 2, and Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. Granted, 4 of those are better on the Saturn, but they're still awesome games, nonetheless. I only ever play the ps2 for Mega Man X8 and both the Classic and X anniversary collections. As for the ps3, I rarely use it at all other than for BC, or unless there's something on psn plus that I want to try. As it is, I don't care for its exclusives, and I'd rather play console multiplats on the 360.

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#23 Posted by Seabas989 (13110 posts) -
  1. PS2
  2. PS1
  3. PS3
  4. PS4

PS2 had Persona 4, Odin Sphere, DMC, MGS3: Subsistence, ZOE2, VF4 Evolution, and Guilty Gear.

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#24 Posted by AcidTango (1316 posts) -

PS2. To me it is the last great console.

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1 PS3 2 PS2 3 PSX 4 PS4 but soon ps4 coming first

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PS2 I guess. I played some games on it well into 2011. I still have it and will keep it until it breaks.

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Definitely the PS3, so many games, so many features, so many exclusives, the console is pretty good despite with the awful start it had.

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#28 Posted by Shadowchronicle (26969 posts) -
  1. PS2
  2. PS3
  3. PS1
  4. PS4 (Have no real opinion on PS4 because I don't have it)
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I'm going to have to go with PS2, best years of gaming. PS1 is a close second.

I love my PS3 but nostalgia wins.

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Have to go with the PS2.

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PS1. One of the best consoles of all time - 9.5 (my vote)

PS2. One of the most overrated consoles of all time - 7.0

PS3. Good console but veeery overhyped - 8.0

PS4. Amazing hardware, but its too early to judge its library - 9.0

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Excluding PS4 since its too early to judge the console I chose the PS2...

PS1 - 9/10

PS2 - 9.5/10

PS3 - 8/10

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Only had a PS1 and PS2.

Kind of tough for me to compare the two because I did get plenty of usage out of both systems. I'd say the PS2 was objectively better, although the Ps1 is more nolstalgic to me.

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Playstation 1. (Loads better than competition)

Playstation 2.( good games but GC had the Prime Series and REmake)

playstation 3. (No exclusive of interest just multi plats)

4 will not set place in my house unlike the other 3.

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PS3 Fat.

It was the best of all worlds. I played and Beat Metal Gear Solid 3 on it. Had it not died off because it's ticking time bomb of a Processor/Motherboard/whatever it was that burned it alive. I would have kept it and probably beat more PS2 games through it.

Also Uncharted. Probably the best Sony IP to grace us since Crash Bandicoot. PS3 was fantastic the start was rough, but the finish was delightful. Great Games, Great Hardware, Good Times.

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PS 9.5/10

PS2 10/10

PS3 9/10

PS4 9/10

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The PS4 by far. Its games library obviously doesn't compare to the previous console iterations at the moment. However we're talking about the console itself and PS4 is easily the best shit Sony has made. Robust and responsive OS, with useful apps, boots up faster than any other console past and present, and an amazing controller that just melts in your hands.

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  1. PS3 - online games , DL games , apps , and PS+ made the difference
  2. PS2
  3. PS1

PS4 = To be determined.

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All said and done, PS3.

I'm gonna find classics on this system for years to come. There are games I adored on it early on and games I still find to this day from years past I love as well.

Doesn't excuse that its first two years and then some were bad. The PS3 was clearly the inferior console for most players then and drove Sony more and more into the ground. And the controller was never spectacular; if the fact wasn't that I have played so many goddamn games with a DualShock 3 I may not have loved it as much. Also **** the lack of split screen. The 360 clowned the PS3 when it came to these categories.

It took a while but man did the system come to though. A PS3 super slim for $200 is one of the best deals on the market today.

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Most time spent on- PS3

Most games played on- PS3

Hmm. PS3 then? http://i.imgur.com/jZ5XmUl.png

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Without it we wouldn't have had the PS2 or 3. Playing Crash and FFVII just blew my mind at the time.

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I have a lot of great memories with the PS1 and the PS2. The PS1 will have to be my favorite since it is the farthest thing from the PS4.

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I think PS4 will end up being my favorite Sony console, but for now, no real point in making that a choice. My favorite memories are with PS1. Everything felt fresh and new and it was an exciting time for gamers. Metal Gear Solid, MGS 7/8, Vagrant Story, Xenogears, Crash Bandicoot, Tomb Raider, Medal of Honor, Brave Fencer, Star Ocean, Alundra, Legend of Dragoon, Legend of Legaia, Need for Speed 3, Wild Arms, Soul Blade, Chrono Cross, Suikoden II, Spyro, Grandia, Oddworld, Legacy of Kain, Tekken 3, Lunar, Parappa The Rappa! Silent Hill, Twisted Metal, Resident Evil 2, Tony Hawk 2, Final Fantasy Tactics, Castlevania

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@scottpsfan14 said:
@Kjranu said:

The PS4 by far. Its games library obviously doesn't compare to the previous console iterations at the moment. However we're talking about the console itself and PS4 is easily the best shit Sony has made. Robust and responsive OS, with useful apps, boots up faster than any other console past and present, and an amazing controller that just melts in your hands.

Wrong. PS2 was by far the fastest booting PlayStation.

You are right about the controller melting though. The Analog sticks have already half disintegrated for me lol.

Yeah, is the analog stick material supposed to come off? I thought that was just my console lol. I don't even play it that much, so I'm not sure what's going on.