What is the most expensive Console/ piece of hardware that you have bought?

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#51 Posted by VFighter (5024 posts) -

$600 on a near launch ps3 (got it in June). In reality though I had enough gamestop gift cards saved up that I only paid $130 out of pocket for the system and one game (VF5).

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#52 Posted by djoffer (1377 posts) -

About 3000$ for my Samsun QR90 65”.

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#53 Posted by Gatygun (1528 posts) -

@goldenelementxl said:

Not including TV's

$1,199 RTX 2080Ti

$999 Titan Black (I bought 2 at the time, so $2K)

$999 GTX 690

$999 i7 5960X

$799 HTC Vive

$799 RTX 2080

Soon - $749 Ryzen 9 3950X

I want your left overs send it my way :P

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#54 Posted by GoldenElementXL (3251 posts) -

@Gatygun said:

I want your left overs send it my way :P


I flip pretty much everything on eBay to offset the cost as much as I can. I'm usually surprised by how much people pay on the secondary market.

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#55 Posted by R4gn4r0k (31215 posts) -


Just any controller for consoles.

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#56 Posted by Rockman999 (7508 posts) -

My original launch 60GB PS3 was a christmas gift from a cousin so I'm not too sure if that counts.

My PC is the winner costing me all together like $1,300 or so a few years back.

Then there's my laptop from 2012 which cost me about $950.

Finally, there's my PS4 that cost me $380 back in 2014 for the GTA5 and TLoU bundle.

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#57 Posted by remiks00 (3822 posts) -

My 1080TI :P

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#58 Edited by ronvalencia (28082 posts) -

@pandadropkicks said:

For me, my XoX has been my most expensive console. Worth every penny though in my opinion. What about you, SW?

MSI branded RTX 2080 Ti Gaming X Trio. https://pcpartpicker.com/product/Z7gzK8/msi-geforce-rtx-2080-ti-11gb-gaming-x-trio-video-card-rtx-2080-ti-gaming-x-trio

MSI branded GTX 1080 Ti FE

MSI branded GTX 980 Ti Gaming X

MSI branded R9-290X Gaming X, later BIOS re-flashed into R9-390X

Dell Studio XPS 1645 with Radeon HD 5770M along with HIS branded Radeon HD 6950 desktop GPU

ASUS ROG G1S with GeForce 8600M GT gaming laptop along with GeForce 8600 GTS desktop GPU

When I stop buying expensive gaming laptops, funds was switched to desktop PC bias.

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#59 Edited by elijames (3 posts) -

I recently bought the playstation 4 for 400$ and it's the most expensive console I've bought

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#60 Posted by cainetao11 (36598 posts) -

My PC in 2014

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#61 Posted by Mozelleple112 (6996 posts) -

my 55" OLED cost $3500... Before that I had the Pioneer Kuro PDP 500-A which was the world's best display 2008-2015, cost like $4000 for a 50"

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#62 Posted by sealionact (4016 posts) -

An imported 3do. $1000 at the time, but I was convinced it was the future....to make things worse my TV didn't have a scart plug, so I ended up buying a new TV just so I could play Return fire. Which at the time was brilliant split screen fun.

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#63 Posted by Grey_Eyed_Elf (6460 posts) -

My PC as a whole I guess but one item alone would be my TV's... My Q8F set me back £1299 and my MU7000 set my back £799, my PC probably cost me total including peripherals and monitor around £2300-2400.

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#64 Posted by PAL360 (29595 posts) -

Not sure if it was the most expensive, but paying like $300 for the 32x back in the day, was my biggest gaming mistake ever.

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#65 Posted by Epak_ (10678 posts) -

My televisions, 1500€ for the 65" ks7005 and 3500€ for the 75" Q9FN. My New PC was 1200€, but it still lacks a GPU.

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#66 Posted by BaelNergal (280 posts) -

My computer. Popped over $1000 on upgrades for it last time.

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#67 Posted by Yams1980 (3513 posts) -

Just gonna mention pc hardware, I've spent more on TV's.

Most expensive PC hardware item I bought recently is probably my GTX 1080 back in Sept 2017. It was $740 canadian before tax, $836 with tax.

Felt like a bit of a hit to buy it, but I felt a little better about it after a couple months because bit coin mining fade went crazy right after that and the prices skyrocketed for over a year.

It was a good investment since I did have to buy it to replace my 970 gtx which was having some problems running 2560x1080 on some newer games.

Probably the next big expensive hardware piece i'll eventually buy this year might be a Ryzen 3950x which is likely around $750 USD so i'd imagine will cost me well over 1000 canadian. I may actually wait on that a bit for a sale to save a bit if i can.

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#68 Posted by tripletopper (34 posts) -

I caught possibly the most expensive inflation-adjusted system of all time at a bargain baesment price once in the 90s and twice in the 00s.

And thanks to Macklemore, it will be along time before you find these kind of deals again, because the goodwills are wise to this, and most of their video games are on their own auciotn sites like shopgoodwill.com .

Bally Astrocade, retail cost of $299 in 1977. Inflation cost today: $1200

A used game store that didn’t carry Colecovision in the SNES days gave me advice. A Retro game shop off the beaten path if I’m a little more desperate, and thrift stores and garage sales for bargians. I found a Bally with a box, 4 controls and a couple cartridges for $5 in 1997.

I also found extra Intellivisions. but sold the to the Video Game exchange for barely anything. Then I heard on the Rush Limbaugh show an ad for Ebay. I bought a Godzilla 1984 VHS with the original Japanese spoken language and has no Raymond Burr scenes. If you read the subtitles, they were more critical of Americans than the American cut. When I thought a used toy store offered a low price. i tried to sell on ebay 10x their prosoed price.

I found a Second Astorcade in 2001 with 4 controls, and lots of games including Muncher and Blast Droids for $5.

So Now I had 2. if I knew my friend was collecting classics like a couple years later, I wouid have offered it to him for $50. SInce I didn’t know i sold it on ebay for $300.

Later my Astrocade lost its color. Luckily a new shop was offering retro games had an Astrocade for $60. Considering the ebay prikce s $300 this was a bargain. Plus I sold my B/W Astrocade clearly stating the flaw and got $25 for it.