What are your top 3 favorite FPS games of all time?

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Game name, platform and if you want, you can say why.

3)Left 4 Dead 2

Best CO-OP and best Zombie game of all time. Gameplay is perfect, and versus mode is best. Zombies + online = THIS GAME IS FOR YOU. If you love co-op, this is the right game to play.

2)Half-Life 2

Best story telling game of all time. 0 cut-scenes, all gameplay. Dramatic story, good gameplay, this game changed gaming.

1)S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl

Most realistic open world, Atmosphere, RPG + FPS + Hardcore mix game i ever played. Plot is interesting. It has RPG, FPS, Hardcore, horror, open world, multiplayer elements. A.I is also very smart.

The action and storyline in Stalker takes place in an area based on the true Chernobyl nuclear accident, called 'the zone' in the game. The storyline takes some license in the placement of towns and areas around the shuttered power plant encompassing about 30 square kilometres. In the storyline, people have tried to repopulate the area with scientists and military; however, almost twenty years after the first incident, there is a second disaster. The second incident kills or mutates the majority of the personnel. Stalker begins many years later with incursions into the zone by people in search of artefacts, information, and money.

The game opens with an unconscious and wounded man regaining awareness in the company of a man named Sidorovich; a black marketeer operating inside the exclusion zone. Although he is alive, the wounded man has no memory other than the acronym 'S.T.A.L.K.E.R.' tattooed on his arm and the message 'Kill Strelok' written in a PDA he has. Given the nickname 'Marked One', the Stalker repays Sidorovich by performing assigned tasks, thereby receiving information about Strelok's possible location. Following the clues and tracking Strelok's movements, he begins to learn more about his target. He meets and interacts with different characters along the way who lead him to believe the answers lie inside the power plant itself.

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#2 Posted by BldgIrsh (3044 posts) -

I agree with number 1 as stalker is a manly man game. And I only play manly man games.

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1. Half Life 2

2. Crysis

3. No One Lives Forever 2

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Mine are doom 1, quake2, and half life 1. Between those games and all the free mods for them I had all the fps I needed for years back in the day.

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#5 Posted by mems_1224 (56917 posts) -

Halo, Battlefield and probably Left 4 Dead or Perfect Dark(only the first game)

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  1. Half-Life 2
  2. Bioshock
  3. Halo series
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Metroid Prime (maybe not technically a FPS)


Resistance series (doesn't get a lot of love, but I enjoyed them)

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1. Half Life 2

2. Far Cry 3

3. Halo: CE

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Really hard, so I'll go with one that came to mind earlier today.

The Darkness.


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1.- Metroid Prime. Not a traditional FPS but game was epic as hell.

2.- Half Life 2. Loved it, simply amazing, you can't argue against the Freeman.

3.- Bioshock Infinite. I really liked the game, had a lot of fun with it.

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1) Half - life --> THE revolution of FPS . Whoever played the game back then knows what im talking about. Newbies cant understand.

2) Counter Strike --> THE best competitive multiplayer online FPS of all time and the most successful mod in PC history. Possible because of Half life but still excelled as stand alone game also ( except CS:Source )

3) Wolfestein 3D --> The FATHER of 3D shooters. You cant bypass the game that started everything and not put it on top 3 !

That was my list.

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#12 Posted by Grey_Eyed_Elf (6494 posts) -


  1. Counter Strike Source
  2. Golden Eye
  3. Unreal Tournament 2004

Single player:

  1. Half life 2
  2. Metroid Prime
  3. Crysis

Sorry I couldn't chose 3.

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1) Half Life 2
2) Bioshock Infinite
3) Bioshock

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I can't pick only 3. I really like Half Life 2, the first two Crysis games, Far Cry 3 and the Halo series just as much but in different ways.

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#15 Posted by IgGy621985 (5534 posts) -

3. Duke Nukem 3D
2. Bioshock
1. Half-Life 1 / Black Mesa Source

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Left 4 dead, bioshock and titanfall I guess. I don't play many FPS

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#17 Posted by jg4xchamp (61799 posts) -
  1. Metroid Prime
  2. System Shock 2
  3. Unreal Tournament 2k4
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1. Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II

2. Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast

3. Dark Forces

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#19 Posted by AutoPilotOn (8655 posts) -

Omg I forgot a few of my favorite games of all time dark forces and system shock 2. I didn't count counter strike because it was a free hl1 mod when I used to play it.

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#20 Posted by Gamerno6666 (6897 posts) -
  1. System Shock 2
  2. Half life 2 including episodes
  3. COD 4
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#21 Posted by Liquid_ (3823 posts) -


Medal of Honor Allied Assault

Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare


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#22 Posted by Renegade_Fury (20675 posts) -

@lkjghhrkj said:

1. Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II

2. Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast

3. Dark Forces

This, but I'd go with Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy at #3, though I love the original Dark Forces as well.

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#23 Posted by deactivated-5d6bb9cb2ee20 (82724 posts) -
  1. Metroid Prime
  2. Halo (one of the original trilogy, can't be arsed to decide which one)
  3. Counter Strike
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Its good to see almost all my favorites have already been mentioned.

In no particular order:

  • Quake III Arena (my favorite)
  • Arma series
  • Quake 1/2
  • Duke 3D
  • Serious Sam: The second Encounter
  • Doom
  • Brutal Doom
  • No One Lives Forever 2
  • Deus EX
  • Half-Life
  • Battlefield 1942
  • Half-Life: Blue Shift
  • Half-Life 2
  • S.T.A.L.K.E.R series
  • Dark Forces/Jedi Knight
  • Soldier of Fortune 1
  • System Shock 2

I probably missed some but these are the ones that came to mind as of writing this.

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#25 Posted by JyePhye (6173 posts) -

I'm gonna go ahead and give you my top fifteen, because why not:

1. Half-Life 2

2. GoldenEye 007

3. Halo: Combat Evolved

4. Bioshock

5. Unreal Tournament 2004

6. Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

7. Counter Strike

8. Team Fortress 2

9. Far Cry 3

10. Battlefield 2

11. Crysis

12. Left 4 Dead

13. Perfect Dark

14. TimeSplitters 2

15. Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six 3

I exclude multiples from any given series, only naming the best from that series, and I also exclude games from which are more ambiguous in their genre classification (i.e. Deus Ex, Metroid Prime, Portal, and The Chronicles of Riddick, all of which would otherwise be quite high on this list).

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#26 Posted by FoxbatAlpha (10669 posts) -

So much to choose from!

Doom 2

RB6 Vegas

Halo Reach

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#27 Posted by jg4xchamp (61799 posts) -

@Cloud_imperium said:

3. No One Lives Forever 2

Awesome pick, played that game again recently and it's still fun as ****. Would love another game like that, we need more spy shooters, but not doo-doo at the shooting.

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#28 Posted by ninjaxams (7500 posts) -

1. halo ce

2. doom

3. cod4

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#29 Posted by PrincessGomez92 (5747 posts) -

Halo Reach

Modern Warfare 3

Left 4 Dead 2

First three that come to mind.

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#30 Posted by deactivated-57ad0e5285d73 (21398 posts) -


Halo - unbelievable single player coop.

Halo 2 - the best online multiplayer ever released. Something so great about the old Halo games, imo, are the sticky grenades. So satisfying when you turn the tides on a really really long toss.


Honorable mention: Halo 3

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#31 Posted by Mr_Huggles_dog (7805 posts) -

1. Tribes 2

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2. Left 4 Dead 2

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3. Halo

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#32 Posted by bussinrounds (3178 posts) -


System Shock 2

Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis/Resistance expansion

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#33 Posted by drinkerofjuice (4567 posts) -
  • System Shock 2
  • Counter Strike
  • Quake III: Arena

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#34 Posted by speedfreak48t5p (13699 posts) -

LOL Modern Warfare 3. Just lol.

1. Halo Combat Evolved

2. Battlefield Bad Company 2

3. Half-Life 2 (inb4jg4xchamp)

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#35 Posted by cainetao11 (36829 posts) -

Halo, Half Life 2, Doom 3

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#36 Posted by Bigboi500 (35550 posts) -

@jg4xchamp said:

@Cloud_imperium said:

3. No One Lives Forever 2

Awesome pick, played that game again recently and it's still fun as ****. Would love another game like that, we need more spy shooters, but not doo-doo at the shooting.

I always wondered were that chick came from.

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  1. Call of Duty 2 (Xbox 360)
  2. Halo: CE
  3. Halo Reach
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#38 Posted by p3anut (6312 posts) -
  1. Counter Strike
  2. Battlefield 2
  3. Half Life 2
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#39 Posted by deactivated-5920bf77daa85 (3270 posts) -

Unreal Tournament (any)

Doom 1/2

No One Lives Forever 2

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#40 Posted by GamingElite021 (89 posts) -

same as OP except l4d replace by half life 1.

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@princessgomez92 said:

Halo Reach

Modern Warfare 3

Left 4 Dead 2

First three that come to mind.

LOL micheal the casual. have no experience in FPS games my friend

and for my top 5 are

1. Stalker Shadow of Chernoboyl

2. STALKER Call of Pripyat

3. Half Life

4. Half life 2

5. Deus ex

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#42 Posted by Ripsaw1994 (196 posts) -

OP you picked a good top 3. Would have put bio shock somewhere on that list personalty

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#43 Posted by Jag85 (13635 posts) -

Unreal Tournament 2004

Left 4 Dead 2

Far Cry 3

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#44 Posted by Ballroompirate (26014 posts) -

1. The Chronicles of Riddick Escape From Butcher Bay

2. Left 4 Dead

3. Wolfenstein TNO

Honorable mentions aka my full top 10

4. System Shock 2

5. Stalker COP

6. Star Wars Republic Commando

7. Halo CE

8. Half Life 2 + episodes

9. Far Cry 3

10. Metro Last Light

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Half Life


Far Cry 3

Left 4 Dead 2

Killzone 2

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3. Fallout 3 (PC)

2. Tes IV Oblivion (PC) (Still FPS-ish)

1. Skyrim (PC) (Still FPS-ish)

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#47 Posted by pyro1245 (5248 posts) -
  1. Battlefield 1942
  2. Half-Life 1
  3. Unreal Tournament
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#48 Posted by Seabas989 (13261 posts) -
  • Half-Life 2
  • F.E.A.R.
  • S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl
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#49 Posted by PAL360 (29618 posts) -

1. Halo CE

2. Doom

3. Left 4 Dead

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1) Half-Life 2

2) Timesplitters 2

3) Unreal Tournament