What 2019 game has been your favorite so far this year?

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Mine is a toss up between DMC V and Resident Evil 2 remake. Both Capcom games. DMC V is one of the best hack n slashes I've played, only held back by being forced to play multiple characters. The story wasn't so memorable, but it did have epic boss fights. And it was very satisfying from a technical perspective. Resident Evil 2 remake, on the other hand, really nailed the aesthetic of the original and brought the game up to today's standards. The campaign is epic and the love for the franchise is there. Really creepy and great moments overall. If I had to choose between the two, I would say RE2 has the better campaign, but DMC V wins on replay-ability. RE2 is the overall winner.

What about you, SW? What 2019 game has been your favorite so far this year?

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luigi's mansion 3

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Although I adore Resident Evil 2 remake I have to go with Mortal Kombat 11 I just had so much fun with it.

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Resident Evil 2 followed by Devil May Cry 5.

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Super Mario Maker 2

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Resident Evil 2

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Sekiro Shadows Die Twice. I also played Resident Evil 2 , Days Gone , Devil May Cry V , A Plague Tale

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Fire Emblem:Three Houses

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Probably Sekiro

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1. Fire Emblem: Three Houses

2. Dragon Quest Builders 2

3. My Time at Portia

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Days Gone.

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Metro Exodus.

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So far, probably Katana Zero.

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Mortal Kombat 11 & Resident Evil 2 Remake.

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Devil May Cry 5

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Sekiro easily the best hack & slash action game of this gen imo. GoW has the story and production values and great gameplay; DMC5 is an awesome return for that series; RE2 remake is great.

But Sekiro is the best melee combat with challenge and balance of the gen. Nothing else makes me like "holy poopy!!!"

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2019 games I've played so far based on how much I've enjoyed them.

Sekiro - Superb combat, nice art direction and narrative.

Outer Wilds - Best adventure game in years.

SMM 2 - It's Mario maker...

Ashen - Dark Souls lite game with some cool mechanical twists.

Void Bastards - Great gameplay loop, doesn't takes itself too seriously and made me lol often.

Metro - Could be much higher if it was more consistent. Still it has some really special moments.

A Plague Tale - Beautiful presentation and excellent pace.

Resident Evil 2 - Great game but too safe. Kind of a no thrill journey.

Baba is You - Out of the box puzzler.

Observation - Cool sci-fi story, gameplay a bit too simple.

Crackdown 3 - Fun platformer

DMC V - Cool and flashy combat, mediocre level design, characters and story.

Apex Legends - Have fun shooting shields. Still great but mostly makes me wish PUBG had better developers.

Gato Roboto - Retro game where you're a cat in space! Not bad, just OK.

Pretty awesome year so far.

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I have a top 2 at the moment:

  1. Metro Exodus - Drops the ball in a few parts, but overall a solid game and a tremendous journey
  2. Void Bastards - Absolutely love this game's style. Didn't think I'd love the repetitive gameplay this much.

Besides that I'm playing some older games and I'm still enjoying Battlefield V from time to time.

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I haven't played too many good games from this year. I am trying my best to tackle the backlog..... Just finished Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus (6/10). MP games don't help either. I already have 355 hours in BFV. hehe :)

Of the 2019 games I have played... Metro Exodus (8/10).

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@briguyb13 said:

1. Fire Emblem: Three Houses

2. Dragon Quest Builders 2

3. My Time at Portia

I haven't player Portia, but I agree with FE3H on 1 and DQB2 on 2.

I would place Mario Maker on 3. It was a really strong year for the Switch so far. (honorable mention to Tales of Vesperia and I have yet to play Planetfall which looks really awesome)

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Resident Evil 2

Best game I'm playing this year... Guacamelee 2

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Probably Metro, then RE2:RE.

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@SolidGame_basic: I want to say DMC5 as well because the core combat in the game is very good, especially with Dante.

But like others have said, the story(and the way it's told), characters, and level design aren't very good at all. These really keep the game from being AAA in my opinion.

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Lol the only 2019 game I bought this year has been Mario Maker 2 so I guess that has to be my answer

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Haven't played a ton of 2019 games, but RE2 is fantastic.

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To be completely honest most games have been meh to just OK, nothing stands out.

Not played RDR2 yet waiting on the PC version so maybe that will change my mind.

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Not one good game came out this year. I'm still waiting for something to dethrone the Witcher 3.