Watch Dogs Legion is more or less a new Saints Row game

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After watching this video this game looks so much like a Saints Row game I guess it's not the worst thing to happen I was hoping to see Saints Row V at this year's E3 but I didn't expect it to be called Watch Dogs Legion.Even the character models faces look cartoonish and the ingame map remind me of SR3 and then the biggest change is the characters now having wrestling moves, suplexes chokeslams and dropkicks. It's crazy how much this game is a departure from the original Watch Dogs what do you think? do you like this change? or do you want the old Watch dogs back?

I see Saints Row.

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@warmblur: I actually like it. It's nice Ubisoft is going all out and trying to not make the first Watch Dogs blend, but even I can admit, I do like the first game and still do to this day. Watch Dogs Legion looks alright but nothing major stands out for me.

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I bought the first game because of it being set in Chicago. I wanted to see how they tackled the city. That story was just dull AF. Lol youd be surprised though, I know some people in Chicago that do that sort of stuff. Wannabe cool crew but in reality lame lame lame. Maybe ill share some day ;)

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Saints Row 3/4 were a blast of fun, so by all means, emulate that franchise than the mediocre one you are.

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They should go back to Aiden Pearce and further develop his story, sorry but now Watch Dogs is just too wacky, and Watchdogs legion is such an SJW wet dream, I mean come on who looks at that and thinks they are in london? screw this, not buying.

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The first WD is one of my faves this gen.

And what made me love it is the seriousness coupled with wry humour.

WD2 ruined this by being all about humour. Full of jokes. And while the jokes might be funny first time thru, WD2 really has no replay value at all because it lacks serious content.

And now they go even further with the silly jokes. Sigh.

Serious, mature hacker game set in London would've been awesome. This will just suck.

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No I couldn't disare a disagree more...

Saints row will forever be so cartoonish and stupid as to never properly be included in anything ever again.