Was Sonic better than Mario during its peak?

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#51 Posted by NathanDrakeSwag (12721 posts) -

Hell no. Only people who made the mistake of asking for a Sega instead of Nintendo as kids will try to claim Sonic is better than Mario. Sonic wasn't even better than Donkey Kong.

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#52 Posted by uninspiredcup (32786 posts) -

Everyone attacking poor old sanic again.


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So that would mean Super Mario World vs Sonic and Knuckles or Super Mario 64 vs Sonic Adventure.

The answer is: mario wins, everytime.

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The problem is its hard for me to think of a truly bad Mario game, even the sport ones like Mario tennis or strikers were good, the Mario rpgs are even good, and the platformers are god tier of the genre

Now when thinking of a bad sonic game... It's about 75% of sonics catalouge is dog shit lol yeah I like sonic mania and sonic 1 and 2. But everything else..dog shit tier

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#55 Posted by Steppy_76 (2690 posts) -

Years ago I really liked sonic 2d sonic. Looking back, there is no where near as much gameplay as Mario. A lot of Sonic plays for you as you're zipping through the level.

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I'm of the unpopular opinion that Sonic's best came from RUSH on the DS where they leaned hard on what makes sonic great: the speed. It's basically a 2d platforming racing game.

The old 2d Sonics tried to marry speed with precision platforming, but the physics never held up well enough for the slower more precise parts.

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#57 Posted by Coolyfett (5970 posts) -

Sonic 1 & 2 were better than Super Mario World. Sonic 2 has yet to be touched in the series.

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#58 Posted by pyro1245 (4922 posts) -

As a kid in the 90's I played Sonic on my Genesis. I also had a Gamegear with Sonic Chaos. I consider the Genesis/Megadrive version of Sonic 1, 2, 3, S&K to be the peak.

It wasn't until Mario 64 that I really dug into the Mario series. I never had an NES or SNES and a kid. I had Mario Bros and Mario Land on the game boy. I consider Super Mario 3, World, and 64 to be the peak of Mario. I could never get into Galaxy games and Odyssey was fun but still not as good as 64.

I would give it to Mario, because the 3 games I listed seem to have more depth than any of the Sonic games, but it's actually closer than I would have thought.

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@uninspiredcup said:

Everyone attacking poor old sanic again.


Just after Sonic redeemed himself with Sonic Mania, the best 2D platformer of the generation... that movie trailer had to come along, and drag his name through mud once again. The poor ol' hog just can't catch a break.

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#60 Posted by pmanden (589 posts) -

@Macutchi: The 90s were indeed the golden era of platform games. Back then they were my favorite genre. Not anymore though. Many modern 3D platformers are just not as good as the old-school stuff. Platformers should be in 2D, period. Rayman Origins got it right and is the only modern platformer I have truly enjoyed.

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Are you asking whether Sonic was better when it was at its peak as a game, or during a certain generation? Because no platformer, IMO, has beat the Galaxy games even today. When the original Sonic came out, well.....it certainly gave Mario a run for its money.

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I presonally prefer the Genesis Sonic games over the NES / SNES Mario games. However, as a kid I grew up on them and the first Nintendo console I owned was a GC I bought with my own money, so I might be blinded by Nostalgia. I did own a Gameboy though and hated Mario 1. I really liked Mario and the 6 golden coins, but nowhere close to how much I loved the Sonic games. Also when playing the games at a friends place I never enjoyed Mario as much as I did Sonic. And even today I like Sonic Mania much more than the new Super Mario series. There is no doubt though that Mario wins in the 3D department. Odyssey is a masterpiece.

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Yes wiw without question.