Vampyr is coming to Nintendo Switch

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That game everyone thought was going to be awesome like Boodlines, but was merely ok is coming to a very weak console at a high price.

st in case you missed it given all the other Nintendo-flavoured news this week (I'm still reeling from that rubber ring with a Joy-Con stuck in it), Dontnod's supernatural action-RPG, Vampyr, is coming to Nintendo Switch later this year.

Vampyr is slated to release on Nintendo Switch on 29th October, 2019, and pre-orders are now live at the Nintendo eShop. However, there are seemingly no pre-order sweeteners nor bonus content to tempt you into a double-dip purchase if you've already got it on a different platform; it seems to be a straight port.

As for the game itself? Turned into a vampire in Edwardian London, Dr. Jonathan Reid is "plunged into a hidden world of ungodly creatures and vampire hunters" and "must find a cure for the deadly disease spreading through the city".

The game draws heavily on Reid's desire to maintain his professional oath and Do No Harm whilst simultaneously fighting the urge to constantly feast on human blood. Thanks to the game's intricate social web, you never know when a seemingly harmless act can Butterfly Effect itself into an unmitigated disaster.

Aoife didn't enjoy it much when she played it the first time around, though. "Had Vampyr taken time to fully flesh out all those moral grey areas for the rich narrative vein they presented, rather than treat them as a resource to prop up an unremarkable combat system, it could have been a pretty special game," she said in her Vampyr review last summer. "As it is, even with lashings of the red stuff, Vampyr ends up decidedly beige.

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Heard mixed things when it released on the other platforms. Another good 3rd party offering.

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This was announce like almost a year ago that Vampyr is coming to Switch, so this is kinda old news but anyways. That's pretty cool. I'll double-dip cause it's a good game. (Assuming it's a fair price that is)

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More uninspired bait.

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@nintendoboy16 said:

More uninspired bait.

At no point anywhere did I lie or exaggerate.

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Another game that will be butchered by inferior hardware.

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Not really a game that I’d get but it’s awesome to see the Switch getting this kind of support from more developers.

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If you ask me, Vampyr is pretty good game. So good that I have completed it four times. Flawed yes, but still enjoyable as hell.

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Can't wait to see how good it looks and run. :)

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@pmanden said:

If you ask me, Vampyr is pretty good game. So good that I have completed it four times. Flawed yes, but still enjoyable as hell.

So was Bloodlines, the game that this one always inevitably gets compared to. Vampyr, much like the last two Cthulhu games, had some good ideas but none of it came together into a great game. Just OK games with really cool aspects. Still, I mean to go back and beat all three at some point.

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There is a lot to like about Vampyr, for people who are fans of role playing in RPG’s. I don’t buy the argument that Bloodlines is superior, Bloodlines was a severely broken game.

The combat in Vampyr isn’t necessarily bad, if you actually level and invest in combat abilities, but it does feel very out of place at times and in my opinion detracts from the overall experience.

Anyway, good for RPG fans that own a Switch and don’t have access to the game otherwise.

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Cool, another inferior port on the switch going for full price..

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I still want to play this at some point.

...but absolutely not for the combat.

Oh and def not on the Switch!