Valve redesigned their controller. It looks...better?

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That has to be the worst D-Pad I've ever seen. Even the Sega Master System D-Pad looks more functional.

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@Sharp-Shooter89 said:

the d pad is fine for fps's/rts's not fine for fighting games, but then again what fighting game is on the PC platform? none really,

i think its a step forward

Mortal Kombat: Komplete Edition, Super SF IV: Arcade Edition, The King of Fighters XIII, BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger and a bunch more are on PC, and that's not even counting console emulation and MAME. The fighting genre has been healthy on PC, just not as popular as on consoles, and as a PC gamer and a fighting game fan, that d-pad is horrible.

Same goes for any 2D platformer/action-side scroller as well, which have seen a renaissance since past generation.

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I don't even know how to pick it up.

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Looks Uncomfortable

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@edidili: I've played almost every shooter on the 3ds xl, and aiming with the stylus was far more accurate than analog sticks...

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@RoslindaleOne said:

I don't even know how to pick it up.

I dont think I would advertise your general intelligence on that.

Thank you. Have a nice day. :)

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Holy shit, that Dpad.

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almost bad as xbox dpad.

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looks terrible

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ITT: People who don't understand PC gaming, or the goal of the controller.

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Looks pretty ugly.

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@charizard1605 said:

Holy shit, that Dpad.

Why would they go with such an awful d-pad :'(

even Xbox controllers have a decent d-pad now.

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No thank you. Wired 360 controller is all I need for my PC and my keyboard and mouse.

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They should of kept the touch screen :(

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I'm open minded on the trackpads but the dpad looks woeful.

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It's the shittiest looking controller I've ever seen in terms of both looks and functionality. Ever. In my life.

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I don't care for it. But really its probably just from the fact I don't care about steam box in general nor do I have a desire to ever buy one.

I already own a PC, my PC can do everything the steam box can and play all the same do another 10,000 things and play another 10,000 games and it can be hooked up to a tv just the same. And I already own consoles for big screen tv gaming.

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I hope they at least offer support for 3rd party controllers because the steam controller looks like the only thing you'll be able to play with it are RTS and stuff like that which I don't give fucks about.

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The Dpad is a mess.

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Looks way better than X1 or PS4 controllers, both of those are pretty horrible controllers. So far I've been liking the Wii U Pro controller the most, the D-pad is great. I'll probably get this controller at some point, definitely ITT people fail to realize the point of this controller.

I play tons of 2D platformers, and most of them control great with an analog stick. Fighters I could see being an issue, but heck get a arcade stick if you care that much. I don't see adapting to the touch pads being a big deal.

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You know.. it's okay to make a similar design to someone else if that's what works.

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For reference, this is what the controller most resembles.

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Looks lame.

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Steam Box is going to make Wii U look like a smashing success.

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it's ok folks how often do you look down at your controller? we spend most of the time staring at the tv than the controller we're holding. as long as it's responsive and brings us much closer to gaming then it's a win win for us! even if it looks like a shoe box, i would still use it as long as it gives me the best experience. hay ya!