Valve or Rockstar

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#101 Posted by youngmurk911 (3895 posts) -

im loyal to tha R

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#102 Posted by charlesdarwin55 (2651 posts) -

Since Half Life 2 often is considered the best game of all time and Portal 2 actually is the best game of all time I gonna go with Valve. R* games are meh at best anyway.

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#103 Posted by HaloinventedFPS (4738 posts) -


Rockstar make GTA with a diffrent name each year and console fans eat it up and call it a masterpiece

Valve make new games every year and PC fans eat it up and call it a masterpiece

Valve innovate so they get my vote


L4d1 and L4d 2 :P

thats kind of an exception, due to the fact that Valve didnt make L4D, but they made L4D2 right after because they wanted to improve over L4D 1's many flaws

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#104 Posted by LustForSoul (6404 posts) -
Rockstar. Although Valve likes to offer free services, their games are really mediocre and nothing special for my taste. Rockstar on the other hand have great games.
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#106 Posted by glez13 (9745 posts) -

Depends what Rockstar are you talking about. Rockstar by itself is a publisher label for Take-Two Interactive,that has several developers labeled with the Rockstar label brand.

If it's Rockstar North/DMA Design then I take that.

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#107 Posted by DyranLK (104 posts) -

I honestly prefer Valve and their distinctive style of charm and increasingly impressive satisfaction associated with their solidly designed games, but when it comes to the actual games themselves, I enjoyed GTA IV (and to some extent, its story) more than any other game that Valve had produced as of yet, tbh; when it all comes down to it, though, I must say that Valve is generally a developer I prefer more over Rockstar, although I believe they are both considerably talented, lol. :P

Either way, though...

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#108 Posted by Big_Pecks (5972 posts) -

Valve. The only Rockstar branded game I like is LA Noire.

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#109 Posted by 2saugat (1344 posts) -

Valve because they made my fav Co-op and multiplayer games this gen.

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#110 Posted by heretrix (37792 posts) -

When it comes to those two developer/publishers, I pick both.

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#111 Posted by Gotham-Calls (335 posts) -

it should be said that rockstar did not even make l.a noire. so they only made two games and one is extremely overrated. valve wins easily.

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#112 Posted by meatgrinderz (1329 posts) -

Definitely Valve. I've loved L4D 1/2, Portal 1/2, and TF2. Really disliked GTA4 and RDR. So the choice is pretty easy.

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#113 Posted by ArchoNils2 (9080 posts) -

Valve by far. They win easely on games (just see how much CSS or TF2 are played) and that aside they have one of the best, if not the best, online service ever, Steam

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#114 Posted by R4gn4r0k (26871 posts) -

I should say Valve since they have created some of my favourite games. But the fact that they let Turtle Rock studios go (no new l4d ?), the sub par support for Day of Defeat and the fact that we haven't heard anything about Half-Life for ages makes me lean more toward Rockstar.

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#115 Posted by Zubinen (2555 posts) -

they aren't quite as innovative and haven't had as much an impact with Half-Life as Rockstar has had with GTA.

So for me, I pick Rockstar.

Not sure if you're serious, but I lol'd hard.
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#116 Posted by Kinthalis (5502 posts) -

Valve! And so far SW denizens apparently have voted correctly (or at least 60%+ have) ;)

I think Rockstar is a fine developer, though I do wish they'd stop snubbing the PC already.

But, I heart valve.

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#117 Posted by Badosh (12770 posts) -
Obviously Valve, why even ask.
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#118 Posted by ChubbyGuy40 (26428 posts) -

Valve, because Rockstar has never made a good game.

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#119 Posted by Vambran (1921 posts) -

Disregarding steam. Valve makes better Multi-Player games. And Rockstar makes better Singler Player games. Valve is mostly PC with console ports and Rockstar is mostly Console.

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#120 Posted by flashn00b (3478 posts) -

I voted for Valve, mainly because i know that I'm biased in favour of the PC. In addition to that, Valve embraces the modding community.

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#121 Posted by Brendissimo35 (1931 posts) -

Valve for sure. I'm not a huge fan of the GTA games, and I think in general, Valve is a more dedicated developer.

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#122 Posted by SaltyMeatballs (25164 posts) -
Rockstar is better, both make over rated games though.
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#123 Posted by Grovilis (3728 posts) -

Valve has a wider array of games, IMO, so yeah.

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#124 Posted by coasterguy65 (7133 posts) -

Valve for sure...unless I'm in the mood to play a glitchy GTA clone....then Rockstar.

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#125 Posted by turtlethetaffer (18546 posts) -

Honestly, Valve has consistenly made great games so I'd say Valve. Rockstar is extremley overrated.

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#126 Posted by linkftw12 (25 posts) -

And all Rockstar knows how to do is sandbox action-adventure games that are overhyped and overrated. Your point? Midnight Club,Max Payne,Rockstar Table Tennis? Those aren't open world action games.... Think before you comment.

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#127 Posted by blue_hazy_basic (30818 posts) -

Don't bump old threads.