Uplay Accounts Are Getting Stolen

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Currently, a lot of Ubisoft customers cannot login to their accounts due to the email addresses being changed by hackers without any confirmation being sent to their addresses. Without this critical security feature, there is no way for any Uplay customer to ensure their account safety. In fact, even after their accounts are returned to them, the accounts could get stolen again since the securtiy feature is still not in place. Will Ubisoft fix this in time to prevent public embarrassment? Read more at the stolen account thread on their forums: http://forums.ubi.com/showthread.php/743348-Stolen-Uplay-account

PS: My account was one of them. I just hope that I get it back.

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That sucks.
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Ubisoft shouldn't be using UPlay.

It's of no use.

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Jeez. They never learn, do they?