Ubisoft is the king of virtual worlds. Fact.

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Even Ubi's first effort this gen, AC Unity, is breathtaking.

AC Unity's sandbox has stunning authenticity and detail to everything, from the architecture to the highly lifelike npcs. Awesome game so early this gen.

Not that noobs here would know, of course. But moving on.

AC Syndicate, Origins and Odyssey, along with host of many other games, continued this incredible trend.

Each Ubi game world has great atmosphere, stunning eye for detail, and awesomely lifelike societies on npcs going on with their daily lives. Not to forget the incredible weather effects.

I've played pretty much every game on this gen, on PS4, and I gotta say there are few that can match the mastery of Ubi when it comes to creating believeable virtual worlds. Bethesda fell far off the mark with their F4, for example. And Rockstar, with RDR2, just showed they are still stuck on last gen and are no match for the superior Ubisoft. No match at all.

So. Ubisoft is the king of virtual worlds this gen. Fact. Only fools and clueless noobs would argue this. Fact.

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Lol, ok.

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Cool story bro.

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Modern Ubisoft open worlds might have been fun when they were still relatively new. Far Cry 3 was great and I thoroughly enjoyed it at the time. But they've gotten stale and boring, filling the game worlds with countless hours of chore activities. Just being beautiful and realistic doesn't cut it if there's barely any meaningful content to support it. What is sad is that other companies have tried to imitate the Ubisoft formula to create bigger worlds with additional trivial content that significantly extends the game's length in order for the consumer to justify their purchase. Nowadays, I just can't bother with these games.

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You’re post is so stuffed full of facts it’s not worth arguing with.

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You spelled "Fax" wrong. lol :P

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Ubisoft's open-world games never bother me to a degree nor do I personally get tired of playing their games, I played lots and lots of open-world games in my life time but I don't ever think Ubisoft is the masters of virtual worlds, their games aren't nowhere near as good as other open worlds like CDPR or Rockstars for that matter. I'll say that Ubisoft open-world games are a hit or a miss, but nowhere near as good as Rockstars open-worlds but still, I enjoy Ubisoft open-world games even though they aren't on par with Rockstars.

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Ubisoft has very beautiful, detailed worlds and on occasion they have made them feel somewhat alive (AC: Unity, for example), but for the most part I find them to not be very interesting. GR: Wildlands is a good example of this; incredibly diverse world, very beautiful, just not all that interesting.

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Stopped reading when the words Assassin's Unity and is Breathing are in the same sentence. Nice try though.

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And yet their gameplay and game design is dog sh*t.

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King of the downgrades.

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Yeah I love walking through the fictional historical cities of Assassin's Creed.

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I love how you're constantly posing your opinions off as facts.

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@ocinom said:

Stopped reading when the words Assassin's Unity and is Breathing are in the same sentence. Nice try though.

Breathtaking is the word I'd use too:

There is so much detail that they put into Paris

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Lol? There's more personality in a single village in Dragon Quest 5 than there is in any Ubisoft open world game.

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Pfffttt... Got far more immersed in TW3 and RDR2 than any Ubi game I've played this gen. Ubi games have looked great recently, but the NPC's are nothing but empty shells and the side quests they offer are nothing but poor copy/paste fetch and kill quests. Never got tired of questing in TW3 and RDR2 started to feel meh at the very end. Never finished Origins although it looked pretty marvelous. Managed to finish FC5, which came as a big surprise to me :P

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AC Unity was actually underrated. I loved the crowd system and the city density. It was actually amazing. It got ridiculed because every platform struggled to run it but it was because it was extremely ambitious. So the next year they did AC syndicate which looked like a PS3/360 game. It was a massive downgrade.

As far as Ubisoft being king of open world games that is laughable. I'd give that to Rockstar since they consistently make great open world games. CD project Red has only had one attempt at it but its arguably the best open world game of the gen.

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Good lord, stop making threads already. FYI: Just typing in the word “fact” doesn’t make it so.

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Hell no. Ubi games copy and paste the same formula and are just now trying new things with AC: Origins & AC: Odyssey. They're definitely not the frontrunners as far as open world games. Not even close lol

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I have yet to play Odyssey but Origins had excellent AI and dynamic systems. The AI might be rendered into different lods, but the spawn distance is incredible. There have to be a lot of calculations going on under the hood.

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Lol Henry the filth thread!

RDR2 craps on other open world games and makes them look as old as 19th century horse shit.

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The Return of the King...


Nuttin but the fax mam. :P

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@henrythefifth If there 200 green balloons for every red one, does that mean there are 17000 orange ones or what?

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I'm not interested in the AC games. So, I never played them. I did get AC: Black Flag when it was free. I might play that one someday.

I do love the Far Cry games which is no secret around here. I don't like it for the storyline. What I like is the sheer flexibility for exploring and causing mayhem. I probably spent maybe 30-50 hours in the storyline campaign which has too many restrictions for my tastes. But, I probably spent thousands more hours just exploring and attacking targets of opportunity in Reset Outpost Mode where every restriction is removed and the player is free to run amuck.

Far Cry 5 does not have Reset Outpost Mode which is a disappointment. But, it got rid of many restrictions that plagued the two earlier Far Cry games.

Of my open-world games, GTA V seems to be the most boring outside of the storyline. At least, I finished GTA V. Not so with the The Witcher 3. I got bored with TW3 (after 173 hours) and simply quit even though I'm close to the end of the game.

I also love Fallout 4. To me, it's like a Wild West game in disguise. Forts, settlements, lawlessness...... all part of the Wild West.

When it comes to sheer atmosphere appropriate for the game, I think the STALKER games are unmatched, issues aside. I used to dislike them early on. But, once I adjusted to the mechanics and fixed some issues, they became cult classics. I understood why the games have a cult following and I'm one of those now.

I mean, just sitting outside at night during a thunderstorm.

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@jun_aka_pekto: Just gonna chime in and agree about STALKER after getting the feelings from your vid there. When it comes to atmosphere, STALKER is still unbeaten to this day. That's really hard to explain to everyone who has never played a STALKER game.

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Jesus. Try to make it a little less obvious next time.

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Assassin's creed has highly lifelike NPCs? TC, this makes me very concerned about how you view real life lol

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Sure...they make pretty open-world games. My major issue with Ubisoft games is how formulaic their open-worlds have become and how mechanically unimpressive they are.

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Are henry and xplode the same poster?

They both claim opinions as facts repeatedly.

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@Macutchi said:





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@Archangel3371 said:

Good lord, stop making threads already. FYI: Just typing in the word “fact” doesn’t make it so.

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Henry the Fifth dude your threads are a bit odd I like the positive ps4 ones but your other ones I can't stand them

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Good trolling.

I love Odyssey, but to say it’s superior to RDR2...it’s not even close....lol

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@xantufrog: Half-Life 3 confirmed!

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That would be CD Projekt, but Ubisoft doesn't do a bad job at all. If only most of the games were better. Origins was a decent start, and Odyssey is quite awesome, but Far Cry 5 got old quick, and same with Wildlands. Unity also controlled like ass compared to Origins and Odyssey, even if it did have a detailed world.

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I couldnt disagree more. Their games are really repetitive with a lot of filler missions and quests used to increase play time. All of their open world games just feel similar with a copy/paste feeling with a new paint job. Ubisoft used to be my favorite game company but unfortunatley I've been disappointed by them this entire generation since the first assassins creed.

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Since opinions are now facts I now announce that I am the coolest person alive. Also lasagna is the greatest food of all time.

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@vaidream45: That position is held for pizza, you dont want to start a tomatoe war over this, trust me. Many pizzas and lasagnas have lost enough.