Towers - Impressive open world survival game

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Just saw this over on PC Gamer. Looks really impressive and has a lot of potential.

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Guessing it will be in beta for five years just like all the other shitty survival games...

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I don't trust trailers for survival games anymore. That trailer looks dope but my guess is that it will never see the light of day, the systems in place will be very unpolished, or it won't look anything like the prototype. I'm interested, but nowhere near hyped.

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Love the visuals in this game. Will be keeping an eye on Towers for sure.

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I made a thread on this a few weeks back. It is made by the former core developers of Hawken who were also former developers of the cancelled Intel game Project Offset.

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Looks interesting from the art direction and graphics but open world survival games usually means poor story and characters with lots of bugs and performance issues and a empty environment with little to nothing to do in it, that said I will keep a eye on it.

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This looks really good, thanks for sharing!

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Looks impressive. So far a survival / crafting game have failed to not bore me after a short while, but this looks cool.

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I have to admit, this trailer was very intriguing.