Titanfall = overrated?? The answer is YES!!

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As I have played more and more Titanfall since its release, I have to say that this game is simply not that great nor is it really that much fun in comparison to CoD or other FPS's. It borrows very heavily from CoD but really does nothing new to advance the genre. Mechs, parkour and jump jet packs are not new to FPS or gaming in general. The combat is grossly repetitive and EVERY SINGLE GAMETYPE ends in a lame scramble to an escape ship! While I initially praised Titanfall for being a fun, fast paced shooter, I am now seeing a very shallow and what looks to be a short lived game that will vanish from the radar once CoD 2014 arrives this Fall! Respawn better get going on Titanfall 2 and ramp up everything from the visuals and framerate to overall content!! Oh BTW, this is not a 9 game! It is at best an 8 game and more like a 7 game in my book without a single hint of an actual campaign!!

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Well, thanks for the opinion, I guess.

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Blog it.