Time to say Goodbye everyone

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honestly this site is really going downhill when they overhaul and star 3 strike system, Im Sniper4321 and i faced injustice here.

my account was banned in may for investigation then it take months to investigate then conclusion was my account would not be restore? why? for no fucking reason. absolutely none. i got banned FOR NO REASON. so this is my last post and farewell to system wars. i was so waiting for my account to get restore but its is still not. so i Give up to this site. kinda sad because site was good before residen, moderation was better before redesign. Now you get moderated if u accidentally click flag button which was happen to me. a FUCKING FLAG button.

Good bye everyone. i enjoy my time here. i meet some good people and some stupid people. and theres lot of stupid people but there are good people too. like champ, @uninspiredcup@Cloud_imperium. @freedomfreak@FreedomFreeLife etc.

Im appologizing for everyone i bash thier fav games.

Im sorry JRPG fans. hope you guys forgive me

Im sorry console gamers. hope you guys forgive me

Im sorry corrupt mainstream media.

Im sorry everyone.

Enjoy your games and have fun.

Goodbye, the legend Sniper4321 is gone. one day i will be remember as Legend in the history of System wars.

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Thanks, man!

And you're right. You got banned for no legit reason. If they ban you, they might as well ban the majority of SW.

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Sorry sniper, but I will have to lock this thread.