Those next gen graphics though.

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X1/PS4 can't come soon enough.

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Higher than 1080p res, seems legit....

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I see we still can't do cylinders right.

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If that's how the game actually looks then hells yes!

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Is an AMD A10 6800K(CPU + GPU) a rival for xbox one / PS4 ?

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dream on..

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Audience looks real blurry to me.

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@Sushiglutton said:

Audience looks real blurry to me.

oviously to hide how horrible they will look and act.

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@Sushiglutton said:

Audience looks real blurry to me.


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@loosingENDS said:

Is an AMD A10 6800K(CPU + GPU) a rival for xbox one / PS4 ?

Depends on the gpu

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@kraken2109 said:

Higher than 1080p res, seems legit....

2k baybee!

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All eye candy.

PS3 and 360 generation had a true leap in terms of Gameplay. I doubt PS4 and X1 games will have that big of a leap.

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LOL Bullshot.

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At least use a realistic picture

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I've been seeing graphics of this quality on PC for years. Consolites, eat your hearts out.

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My problem with next gen console graphics wise is that I am a PC gamer with a system more powerful than the PS4, so I have already seen next gen graphics.

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add 5 trillion jaggies to this pic and its what it'll look on next gen

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pumpety pumped up for Xbox One.

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hahahaha Brilliant I applaud you for saying the audience looks blurry to me lol, of course it looks blurry the camera is focused on the player which makes everything else blurry, thats what a camera would do, it's called focusing, have a look at programs on tv, your'll see it.

to all pc gamers just shut up now, console vs pc's is not a match up, pc's are what you make it, not a standard form of gaming, consoles are, and soon your pc will be out of date of the next gen so good luck to you. and on another note please stop going on and on about how your a pc gamer and the problem is i have seen next gen graphics, yea but did you buy the pc of 399/499 or 999, i rest my case.

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@LegatoSkyheart: 8GB of ram will definitely affect gameplay. Say hello to bigger more open worlds, more enemies and stuff happening on screen, and better AI. Obviously not all games will accomplish these things but I actually tremble when thinking what Bethesda, Bioware, CD Project Red, Rockstar, Naughty Dog, Valve and other top tier devs can accomplish.

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*crosses fingers* Please look like this, for the sake of moving graphics forwards.