The Sony Playstation exclusive difference, how f@cking good are these gems?

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Posted by Xplode_games (1893 posts) 10 months, 12 days ago

Poll: The Sony Playstation exclusive difference, how f@cking good are these gems? (75 votes)

They're really good, I swear! :) 51%
You want genre defining, top exclusives, Nintendo is where you need to be otherwise STFU! 28%
Playstation exclusives, LMFAO! 21%

Nintendo is where all of the world class important exclusives are so I want to choose option two. Problem is the third one is so true, PS exclusives LOL!

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#51 Posted by cainetao11 (35429 posts) -

Poll choices suck.

It's subjective to the individual and game. I really liked Horizon zero dawn for ten plus hours but it just got so boring to me. The "ZOMG!!!! ROBO DINOS!!" became yeah, big deal. The story lost my interest and Aloy isn't a very captivating character Imo. The mechanics, controls and world are pretty good.

Nioh is the best Dark Souls like game i ever played. The combat is faster and more enjoyable than blood borne Imo.

Uncharted 4 was really fun for a play through. Couldn't get through it again unfortunately and the MP while serviceable isn't as fun or alive as Gears 4 so I don't bother with it. That and SW wussies wouldn't jump on and keep playing with Getyeryayasout and I lol.

The Order 1886 had me interested as far as setting, story, characters. Some of the firefights and weapons were good. But it was a mediocre game overall Imo.

The Last Guardian i was hyped for, got bored with but eventually enjoyed it. Glad I did.

Of course there are many others like tales of ballbagia, penisona 5, Nier-ly asleep that I don't care about and won't be playing.

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#52 Posted by lexxluger (599 posts) -

Someone is showing a lot of resentment and remorse about their platform of choice this gen.

Is the lack of good games the reason why so many xbox fans on this board act so bitter and angry all the time? lol

It's not our fault you bet on the wrong horse this gen and probably blowed another $500 on the X only to realize paying the same games at 4k wasn't the game changer you thought it'd be.

We don't need to justify to you why we think our games are so good, we are content with our, however, own a different system! Buyers remorse is just dripping through your post.

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#53 Posted by getyeryayasout (11840 posts) -

@cainetao11: Your feeling about weeb games are well documented, but trust me dude, you'd like Nier. I've been playing it since buying it on Black Friday and it's fantastic. It's in my top five of the year despite being a bit weeby. It's a Platinum masterpiece.

Hit me up this weekend, yo.