The Making of Revenge of Shinobi and Streets of Rage

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It's another great documentary by Strafefox, and with SEGA FES right around the corner, I thought I'd share it. Streets of Rage is my favorite series ever, and Shinobi is up there as well, so it's always interesting hearing new tidbits on their origins. SEGA has also been in full revival mode lately, so I could see Shinobi receiving such treatment as Streets of Rage has.

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Will check it out, thanks.

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@Renegade_Fury: streets of rage has the best music in any game

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Never played Streets of Rage, though reminds me of Final Fight or Double Dragon games which I did play years back. Liked these types of games.

Loved the Shinobi games, played first on the Master System and Shinobi II on Genesis, but my favorite was Shinobi III.

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@Larsa_Ferrinas: Yup, Yuzo Koshiro is a legend. Under Logic is probably my favorite tune in the SoR series, but they're all masterpieces.

@lamprey263: Shinobi III is my favorite as well; it just takes everything up a notch, especially the level design. As for SoR, it's like those but far better. In particular, there isn't a game in the world that I can recommend more than SoR2.

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Good vid.

For me I put GG Shinobi's slightly above it. I love the Megman aspect, and kinda think that should have been the norm going forward, evolving into a full metroidvania style game.

I guess we did kind of get it, just not from Sega.

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Ah, good old Streets of Rage. Pick up the controller, press start and kick the living hell out of everybody. No long storyline, no cutscenes, it's all action from start to finish. It does get repetitive after a while though.