The Last of Us Reclaimed Territories DLC Trailer Revealed

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It’s a great week to be a fan of The Last of Us — especially if you’re a Season Pass holder!

Throughout the week, PlayStation Store will be updated with our latest drop of DLC content for The Last of Us. Each pack or bundle is available separately, unless you’re a Season Pass holder, in which case all this content is included with your Season Pass. In addition, everyone will be getting a new gun for free — the Full-Auto Rifle, which is a fully automatic, modified burst rifle that offers a flexible play style.

For a quick recap, our next drop includes The Reclaimed Territories Map Pack, the Professional Survival Skills Bundle, the Situational Survival Skills Bundle, the Survivalist Skills Bundle, and the Grounded Mode Difficulty for the single-player campaign.

Or you could just watch the trailer we put together just for you.

To prepare for the new content release, The Last of Us multiplayer Patch 1.07 will go out tomorrow. We’ll post the full patch notes just before the update goes live.

Lol, they really did just patch in good AI and call it DLC lewl.

Anyways, those new weapons and maps look awesome, but It's unfortunate that multiplayer progress will not carry over from PS3 to PS4. Sucks even more because I was like level 200+ the last time I checked. At least I have the season pass on PS3.

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Thats... Uhm.... Okay I guess. Yeah I think Only Season Pass holders are getting it good.

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woooo its that game we already played!!!!

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Thread backfire TLHBO

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I loved TLOU, but I haven't even put one second into multiplayer.

It's not the kind of game I would need a multiplayer for.