The Last of Us 2 Development Nearing End

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#51 Posted by Rockman999 (7469 posts) -

I still haven't finished the first TLoU.

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#52 Posted by Fedor (4647 posts) -

@Rockman999: I can tell you the ending if ya want?

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#53 Posted by rzxv04 (579 posts) -

I'm confused, the hiring stuff looked like they're only starting the actual development. Did they mostly make engines, tools, mocap and story all these years?

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#54 Posted by henrythefifth (2254 posts) -

The sequel looks way too dark, serous and gloomy to be good.

What made the first game special was all the humour and light moments. It was fun road trip, with zombies. Sure, few levels were serious, but overall it was just fun bagging clickers with molotovs and exploring the areas for collectables.

In other words, TLoU was Uncharted with zombies. Which was nice.

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#55 Posted by FLOPPAGE_50 (4493 posts) -

@fedor: yeah they did

Nice try cow

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#56 Posted by Sevenizz (3659 posts) -


Gameplay - meh.

Yup, it’s LoU time. Crank up the ole YouTube!

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#57 Posted by MirkoS77 (14062 posts) -

@blackhairedhero: Joel is going to end up the villain. The game’s going to revolve around destroying the privileged, evil straight white male at the hands of Ellie and her partner. She’s going to kill Every. Last. One. Of. Them. Death to the evil white man.

Then Reset ERA’s going to have a field day and celebrate the oncoming utopia.

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#58 Edited by Blackhairedhero (3221 posts) -

@MirkoS77: bahaha! let's hope not.

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#59 Edited by Fedor (4647 posts) -

@FLOPPAGE_50: No they didn't.

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#60 Posted by FLOPPAGE_50 (4493 posts) -

@fedor: yeah they did

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#61 Posted by cainetao11 (36500 posts) -

@Shewgenja: well said

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#62 Edited by Fedor (4647 posts) -

@FLOPPAGE_50: Jesus Christ, no. They did not show LoU 2 at E3 3 years ago. Go watch the 2016 e3 then slap yourself. Watch 2015 and 2017 for good measure then slap yourself some more.

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#63 Posted by xantufrog (11182 posts) -

@FLOPPAGE_50: no they didn't. It was, however, announced in December of 2016 at the PS Experience.

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#64 Edited by DaVillain- (36106 posts) -

@FLOPPAGE_50 said:

@fedor: yeah they did

Dude, are you out of your damn mind or what? No they didn't, TLOU2 was shown at PlayStation Experience December 2016. The gameplay however was first shown at E3 2018.

You been gone for a long time buddy and Fedor is a PC gamer more so, so calling him a Cow isn't doing you any favors pal.

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#65 Posted by shellcase86 (4351 posts) -

@FinalFighters said:

scissor me timbers! i cant wait!

Gold! The comment is criminally underrated and equally hilarious.

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#66 Posted by pmanden (594 posts) -

Exciting. Will this game be a masterpiece or just a really good 8/10 game? I'm betting on a masterpiece.

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#67 Posted by Raining51 (804 posts) -

This will be interesting to see how it goes...

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#68 Posted by TheEroica (18388 posts) -

I may wait on this and play it remastered on the next Xbox.

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#69 Posted by R10nu (1501 posts) -
@davillain- said:

I give'em about a Month announcing TLOU2 gone gold.

The new hires won't even get to work by then.

Onboarding process may differ from studio to studio, but it's something that normally takes several months.

Temper your expectations.

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#70 Posted by SecretPolice (35108 posts) -

The Flop Of Us Too.

Nuff. :P

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#71 Posted by Speeny (1519 posts) -

Exciting stuff. I wanted to play through the first game just to refresh my memory but don't really have the time to.