The Halo Remastered Series is a JOKE

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Nothing new, no improved graphics, no higher resolution textures or higher polygon models.

Why would anyone pay for some pretty obvious milkage. Not even GoTY material.

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This'll last.

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You're a joke and so is your thread.


And you're wrong, there are improved graphics, higher res textures and higher poly models, plus every mp map ever made redone graphically, if you're gonna troll atleast put some effort into it

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? You're going reverse psychology , gotcha

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Over 100 multiplayer maps, every map in the series to date.

Halo's 1-4 remastered in HD with Halo Nightfall videos included. Includes Halo 5: Guardians Beta.

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The only joke here is you making a thread with under 500 posts.

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Yeah, this thread is really bad.

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Even if we didn't have the rule that users must have a min. 500 posts before creating a topic (see the System Wars survival guide) I wouldn't need that to lock this thread. Your blatant misinformation is already reason enough to put a stop to your farce.