The fall of Xbox 360...

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#1 henry_the_horse
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I'm risking to be hypocritical and becoming what I dislike by making this comment/thread but I have to say it.

Xbox 360 exclusive (those that do not own all system) owners are the most whinny, complaining, biased, arguing, mad and negative gamers that there are. I swear that 360 owners spend more time debating video games and being negative than playing their Xbox. I think PS3 & Wii owners are busier having fun playing video games and not caring about what someones biased, factless, directionless opinion is on some pointless forum.

In the end the fall of the 360 will be directly related to no one wanting to be labeled a 360 owner because its average user is so whinny and negative. It'll be happy days when the Xbox name fades away because much of this gloom that has recently settled across video games will vanish.