The best gaming experience in the history of gaming.

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What was the best gaming experience you've ever experienced? It could be anything, whether it be a session of Fifa, Halo, COD or even Rocket League with mates, playing the beautiful Mass Effect 2 by yourself etc. It really could be anything.

For me, it was playing The Witcher 3 maxed out on a 1440P IPS monitor. I know it is not the highest resolution nor the best panel technology ever however my god that was heaven. Whether it was riding or sailing around Skellige, mutilating monsters, enjoying the grim but beautiful sceneries of Velen etc. It was simply heaven. The Witcher was simply such an immersive experience which made you felt like you lived in the beautiful universe. I look forward to playing this again when it is viable to do so at 4K and hopefully I can get an OLED TV sometime soon.

Next would be Mass Effect 2, the entire universe is simply far too beautiful. The characters were also great and the universe was so fun to be immersed in.

Next would be either Uncharted 2, 4 or Horizon Zero Dawn. The sheer graphical beauty of those games are simply unmatched. Truly an experience in heaven.

Then of course it would be Rocket League with a few friends, yelling and shouting at the same time getting drunk.

What are your most memorable gaming experiences ever?

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#2 Posted by KMP (379 posts) -

First time fucking around in Super Mario 64.

Exploring the seas of Hoenn, catching the Regis for the first time.

Super Smash Bros Melee Tournament mode

Halo 3 split screen matches.

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#3 Posted by R3FURBISHED (12408 posts) -

Probably the second and third "ending" in Red Dead Redemption.

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These are the ones that I remembered for now:

Playing the Death Star Level in Rogue Squadron 2.

Exploring Pyramids in Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine.

Some Online mode Matches of Battlefront 2.

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Final Fantasy X in general

Playing COD4 online for the first time was mindblowing at the time.

Playing online gaming for the first time in general ( Socom Fireteam Bravo on my PSP)

Mass Effect trilogy

Red Dead Redemption ending ( Didn't see that coming as I don't watch many Westerns)

The Last Of Us ending had me like (OH MY!)

TimeSplitters Future Perfect is still the best party FPS game I have ever had

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All the multiplayer stuff during the sixth gen.

Super Smash Bros Melee, Mario Kart Double Dash, Soul Calibur II, Halo 1 and 2, Time Splitters, Super Monkey Ball, maybe some other stuff I'm forgetting...

Some great memories chilling and playing these games with my friends or oldest brother.

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#7 Posted by p3anut (6302 posts) -

N64's 4 player multiplayer era.

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@DJ-Lafleur said:

All the multiplayer stuff during the sixth gen.

Super Smash Bros Melee, Mario Kart Double Dash, Soul Calibur II, Halo 1 and 2, Time Splitters, Super Monkey Ball, maybe some other stuff I'm forgetting...

Some great memories chilling and playing these games with my friends or oldest brother.

Yeah, that kind of stuff. For me you'd have to add games like Battlefront 1 and 2, Digimon Rumble Arena 2 (lol), Pikmin 2, etc. Tons of singleplayer games too.

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#9 Posted by uninspiredcup (34271 posts) -

Halflife, 1998.

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Playing anything at all on OG Xbox after bringing it home (to my barracks room). Yeah I'd had PC's and what not, but seeing how far consoles were coming along since my childhood was incredible.

Playing the TMNT arcade game (in an actual arcade) in the early 90's. I felt like I was playing the cartoon. It was magical, I floated home.

There's others, I'll think of more.

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#11 Posted by ConanTheStoner (17373 posts) -

- Finally getting a NES at home, not having to slum it up at a friends house to enjoy all those awesome games.

- Getting Street Fighter 2 Champions Edition on Sega Genesis. Being able to play SF2 any time I want, as much as I want, no quarters required, was a huge fucking deal.

- Seeing Mortal Kombat at the arcade for the first time. Both the graphics and the "brutal" content were simply jaw dropping at the time.

- Playing OoT for the first time. Not only was it insane for its time, it was the first game I ever played while enjoying the good smoke. Elevated the already awesome experience ten fold.

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#12 Posted by zassimick (10460 posts) -

Halo 2. First time I played Big Team Battle on Xbox Live. 16-person LAN party. Also the launch of the game, as well as Halo 3.

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The best time I've had gaming is probably when the Metal Gear Solid HD collection came out in the UK and I decided to play the games from 1 to Peace Walker over the course of a week. Having not played a Metal Gear game for about six years(Apart from 4). I was on mid-term break when it came out too. So it was just me, sugary drinks, and Metal Gear for that whole week. My best time was probably with Metal Gear Solid 2, with MGS1 being a close second. That experience with MGS2 is probably why I'm studying game design right now. And why I decided to learn a lot more about narrative. I love the music, mechanics, the main character, the music, how funny it is and how thought provoking it is. The conversations in the game are intensely interesting, especially after meeting the president. I am aware that Metal Gear Solid 3 is the better game, but MGS2 fits my pretentiousness a lot more.

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#14 Posted by MirkoS77 (14351 posts) -

@kmp said:

First time fucking around in Super Mario 64.

Yea, this one. I'm sure nostalgia played into it somehow as I was pretty young, but Mario 64 was damn magical and a mind-blowing leap into 3D.

My first time trying a Vive is also fairly noteworthy. It has the same impact as Mario 64 in terms of a technology jump.

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The first time i played Wing Commander 4. Pure joy! Next would be the first time i played mass effect 2. Had no idea what i was in for. I was glued! And rocket league, omg rocket league!

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Personally Mario Galaxy 2. The snes had been my last Nintendo console and didn't cared at all for their games, until accidentally ended up with a Wii plus smg2 and was completely blown away by it. The super tight gameplay along with it's incredibly imaginative level design made me fall in love with Nintendo.

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#17 Posted by VFighter (5112 posts) -

Playing VF4 with my brother and destroying him for about 30 straight fights. Then I decided to handicap myself and only use my feet to play, and still beat him lol, I still make fun of him for that.

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#18 Posted by Johnmclane26 (255 posts) -

Playing through the last of us for the first time awsome journey.

also exploiting a glitch in the division which allowed me to basically be invisible to other players in the dark zone and kill rogue after rogue

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Super Mario 64 was something special. Running around Peachs castle for the first time blew my 8 year old mind.

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#20 Posted by khoofia_pika (16745 posts) -

The suicide mission from Mass Effect 2.

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Personally the early laserdisc arcade games like Astron Belt or Dragonslair I thought were amazing to experience as a kid.

Elite was pretty special roaming in a vast Galaxy and playing as you choose.

SF2 on the SNES felt like the first time you had an arcade machine equivalent in your own home

Panzer Dragoon on the Saturn when it came out - It was such a leap up from the previous gen

PSO on the DC (I hadnt gamed online before so this was great to experience)

I'll chuck in Halo CE as well, as for me at the time I thought it was just so well done/produced - I just couldn't fault it

*typed on iPad so apologies for the bad spellz*

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#22 Posted by DragonfireXZ95 (25449 posts) -

Played and still playing all of the Battlefield and Dark Souls(including Demon's) games with a few buds of mine. Great times that never die.

Every Witcher game has been quite an experience, and The Witcher 3 was just insane. Planning on playing through it again, soon, and I already have over 350 hours in it.

Fallout 2 was a huge one. Fond memories of that game. Same with all of the Quest For Glory series, and many other Sierra games still hold a special place in my heart.

Super Mario 64 and Ocarina of Time are also there, along with Goldeneye.

There are many others, to be honest. So many amazing games.

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#23 Posted by judaspete (3063 posts) -

The day I finally unlocked the Diamond Cup in F-Zero GX. Took me years. May never get good enough to unlock the AX tracks though :(

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#25 Posted by deactivated-5acfa3a8bc51d (7914 posts) -

Recently, Lords of the Fallen. Blows my mind how I didn't play this day one in 2014. PS+ had it for free in a past month. I'm playing an OP warrior it's more satisfying than Dark Souls since I'm crushing everyone easily. Didn't think twice about starting NG+ it's that good.

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It entranced me from either the Vic20-C64 to Ultima Online.

Other time sinks:

Lucas Arts Games

Sierra Games (thank you Roberta)

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#27 Posted by deactivated-5cd08b1605da1 (9317 posts) -

Hum, some of my favorites are:

Avion in SotC (Those particle effects when he was flying were jawdropping at the time. The soundtrack was also epic)

Lady Maria of the Astral Clocktower in Bloodborne (epic and hard as hell fight but oh so fun)

Beating the King's Fall Raid in Destiny for the first time (was playing with an awesome team so it was a fantastic co-op experience)

Finaly beating Nevan in the original DMC3 (She was an annoying b*tch to beat and I was an hack'n'slash virgin back then)

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I've had a few of these moments over the years.

I would say Hero by Activision on the Atari 2600 was the first time I had a gaming experience that felt better than anything before it.

Super Mario Bros on the NES, Super Mario 2 on the NES, Super Mario 3 on the NES, Super Contra NES, Guardian Legend on the NES.

Sonic the Hedge Hog Genesis, Strider Genesis.

Street Fighter 2 Arcade, Street Fighter 2 SNES.

Blazing Lasers TG16, Bonk's Revenge TG16.

Doom Jaguar, Tempest 2000 Jaguar.

SM64 N64, Wave Race N64, Zelda OOT N64.

VF2 Saturn, Panzer Dragoon Saturn.

Gran Tourismo PS1

Soul Caliber Dreamcast, Power Stone DC, Shenmue DC.

Halo Xbox, Halo 2 Multi Player Xbox, Ninja Gaiden Xbox, GTA 3 and Vice City collection Xbox.

God Of War 1 & 2 PS2.

Gears of War 360, Red Dead Redemption 360

Forza Horizon 2 XB1, Witcher 3 XB1, Forza 6 XB1.

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#29 Posted by deactivated-5d1e44cf96229 (2814 posts) -

The first time moving around in Super Mario 64 was an unforgettable experience. Anybody that did not play Super Mario 64 in 1996 will never be able to understand what this experience felt like.

The first time playing through Ocarina of Time is the most that I've ever been addicted to a game. I played this game all day long, every single day until I beat it while only stopping for sleep, food, and bathroom breaks.

Also, all of the many fantastic 4-player multiplayer games on the N64 that my friends and I used to play after school created the most cherished gaming memories of my life.

I'll be right back, I need to go kiss my N64 for providing all of these amazing experiences.

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Everyone is wrong that doesn't mention Ultima.

If you weren't born yet you're wrong by default due to your age.


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Beginning my journey in Pokemon FireRed.

Exiting the sewers in Oblivion for the first time and gazing upon the beautiful open world just waiting for me to explore it.

Arriving and exploring the Citadel in Mass Effect 1. It was such an amazing sci-fi experience.

Playing Borderlands 2 with my friends. It's probably the most fun I've ever had with an online co-op game.

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#32 Posted by Sam3231 (2566 posts) -

Playing the first 3 Metal Gear Solid games on my little ass CRT around 2004 or 2005 blew me away. My favorite all-time series.

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There a 2 moments that stick out for me.

1. My first time turning on a gameboy and playing Pokémon Blue. That adventure spawned 20 years worth of Pokémon adventures for me and was my first experience with video games. Probably why Pokémon is my favorite franchise to this day.

2. Skyrim - this game was my first time playing an Elderscrolls game and I loved it. With over 350 hours in it, it is easily my favorite 360 game and I will pick it up again on the Switch

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#34 Posted by Valgaav_219 (2469 posts) -

- Playing FFVII for the first time and being completely immersed in the story. Especially when Aerith died smh. Beating Ruby and Omega Weapon

- Playing Kingdom Hearts 2 back in 05' and being amazed that you get to fight 1,000 opponents at once in real time

- Shenmue on Dreamcast

- Beating Persona 4 Golden and getting the golden ending

- Playing Tekken Tag Tournament on PS2 and realizing that it's just not fair when I use Michelle & Julia

- First time playing PS3 from PS2. That leap was crazy. First games were Gundam, Sonic, and Army of Two.

- First time playing Skyrim and The Witcher 3. Gave me a newfound appreciation for open world WRPG's.

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1997-2002 of Ultima Online.. most fun and rewarding game ive ever played. Going on dungeon raids in my PK guild looking for players to ambush, massive pvp over player houses that were about to collapse. Hiding around player vendors and stealing other players expensive vanq weapons and rares they just bought was great.

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I'm not even that big into MMOs let alone FPSs, but there was a moment when Playing Planetside 2 on Steam where we were hunkered down trying to take over this base from an enemy team and we succeeded. After we placed our mark and gathered our troops we all set off to the next base to go and capture it.

On the way we enter a Canyon where I then see in the distance what look like Aircraft. Sure enough it was and it wasn't friendly. The Plane started shooting at us and suddenly we were surrounded by enemy troops. It was an Ambush and we were sitting ducks.

As I hid behind a Tank to cover myself from gun fire, It was then I realized that this was a much better game the MAG and Battlefield.

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Ultima Online, Quake multiplayer, Baldurs Gate, ninja gaiden black, Mortal Combat

most likely the most "wow" games for me over the years

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last of us remastered for sure, for its story telling and cinimatics

bloodborne first blind playthrough was a better videogame experience though

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All my best moments came in multiplayer really. Everquest (the first one) is still by far the best game I have ever played on any platform. Incredibly addictive game, amazing world and fantastic interaction and team work with other players that you just don't see anymore. WoW is Everquest For Babies.

Ultima Online a close second to EQ for pretty much the same reasons.

Single player: Planescape Torment was like playing a really deep well written novel with computer gamey bits constantly interrupting the story.

Soulsborne: I really love RPG's. The Souls games reminded me of what games used to be like before some dullard at Bethesda invented RPG's that actually play themselves while you watch. An absolutely necessary reminder that modern games totally suck.

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Probably going back to FFVI/VII/VIII/IX/X for the first time as a kid. Ahhhh, that was the shit.

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#42 Posted by The_Stand_In (1068 posts) -
Loading Video...

Very tense mission. Chances of success on your first playthrough having never seen the mission before are slim. Mess up, you get shot down (and there ain't no Rebels to rescue you on the Death Star, bitch). So you get captured at best. Therefore you lose all tour of duty progress (as well as lose your pilot's rank and score). Also a medium chance of being KIA (permadeath), meaning you have to start the game over with a new pilot.

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#43 Posted by ProtossRushX (5591 posts) -

playing DOTA allstars games in clan tda channel for warcraft 3

good times indeed

for console probably finishing all the sidequests in final fantasy 3 (6 japan) on my snes what a great game they really don't make games like that anymore

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#44 Posted by Teddy61446 (12 posts) -

Pokemon, every single one of them

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#45 Posted by aroxx_ab (13236 posts) -

Horizon Zero Dawn, best game ever made

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#46 Posted by ArchoNils2 (10399 posts) -

Playing Nintendolands with my family, playing Time Splitters 2 with friends, SingStar with friends and family and for single player experiences: VR

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For me it was finishing first in the local senior center wii bowling competition.

But seriously, I bought the Snes at launch with my own hard saved money. All of the Snes Era was magical.

More recently though, I'd say the most awesome moment was the big reveal in knights of the old republic. Hit me like a ton of bricks.

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#48 Posted by poptart (7264 posts) -

@TheEroica said:

For me it was finishing first in the local senior center wii bowling competition

You're so adorable *hugs*

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#49 Posted by SecretPolice (35358 posts) -

Day one OG Xbox and me and a friend playing Halo CE for the first time and co-op through the campaign and couldn't stop until we completed it. What an AwesomeSauce ride and nothing quite like it especially for a 2001 title. Great stuff.

Honorable mentions...

Project Gotham Racing online and me inventing the cat & mouse game. What a blast!!

Dreamcast PSO and NFL 2K's online

N64 4 player split screen games.

Going through OOT for the first time

Too many others to mention. :P

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Being on the couch and playing a shit load of melee with the homies.

Custom games Halo 2 with mad of my friends in high school

Everything about finally getting to play Super Metroid as a kid and when they finally released Metroid Prime.

Those are probably my favorite gaming memories from being a young-in. Eh deep down also Donkey Kong Country, that level with the fuel cells with the music is ingrained in my head. I have learned as I've gotten older, that the game kind of actually sucks lol, but I refuse to not love it.

In recent recent years, it's probably Bayonetta in 2010. I had zero interest in that game, I thought it looked like Devil May Cry with Sarah Palin. Turned out to be one of my favorite games.