The amount of shovelware on Steam is astounding

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The only thing I find disturbing is all the hentai type crap that floods the store. During the Steam Summer sale, at least. It blew my mind how many lonely little losers that can't get laid there must be out there. Guys need to hit the gym a little more during their 20+hrs a week gaming, and get some social skills. Then they can have a real relationship.

Haha...anyways...yeah. Lot's of tiny little baby games on steam.

That's some great fetish shaming.... makes you look like a real man!

Oh did I hurt your feelings? Sorry guy. I wasn't aware I was fetish "shaming." I was making fun of horny guys that jerk it to weird japanese game porn. I hope that makes you feel better. Lighten up and get a sense of humor. If that describes you, fine. I'm not "shaming" you. I'm just making fun of you. Or you don't get those games. In which case I'm making fun of people that aren't you. Either way, relax.

Japanese anime porn could be contributing to Japan's extinction level birth rates.

Japanese porn/hentai/anime/manga/games have very little to do with Japan's low birth rates. In fact, Japanese birth rates are similar to white birth rates in Western countries. The main difference comes down to immigration policies, with Western countries relying on mass immigration to balance out low white birth rates.