System Wars Rules and Welcome -- READ ME BEFORE POSTING (11/19/2011)

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Please make sure you understand the following rules, and read the WELCOME THREAD, before engaging in any System Wars discussion.

Terms of Use Enforced: The GameSpot Terms of Use are strictly enforced in System Wars.

Check Stickied Threads: Posting a thread on a topic for which there is an official sticky, will likely net you a suspension .

Things to Avoid:

  • Misquoting Posts: Intentionally misquoting posts from other users is a form of trolling.
  • Going Overboard: Don't troll everyone and everything because it's going to get old, fast. Pick your battles.
  • In Before Lock: Typing "in before lock" or any of its variants are considered disruptive.
  • Blank Quotes: Simply quoting someone and failing to add anything of your own is lame. Put some effort into it!
  • QFT: Simply quoting a user and replying QFT or any of its variants is also lame. Give us something more!
  • Quoting Pictures:They're pretty, just don't quote so many that we have to look at them over, and over, and over, and over...

Things That WILL Get You Moderated:

  • Usage of the Word "Rape": References to one faction or person "raping "another is considered offensive.
  • Derogatory Terminology: Words such as "***" are not allowed and will get you moderated. This includes any other slang terms for all countries and ethnicities.
  • Use of Gay and Retarded: The derogatory use of the words gay and retarded is strictly forbidden.

Extra Special System Wars Rules:

  • System Wars is not Fanboy Wars: This is System Wars not Fanboy Wars. Threads made about who the worst type of fanboy is, or threads made to complain about certain fanboys, or anything similar are not permitted and are deemed trolling.
  • Reposting Locked Threads: If one of your threads is locked, do not under any circumstances repost it. It doesn't matter whether or not you agree with its being locked or not.
  • Threads that Break the ToU: Don't reply to threads/posts that you know are ToU violations. Don't do it!
  • Copyrighted Materials: Don't post any (that includes magazine scans).
  • Special SW Terminology: Lemming, cow, sheep, and hermit are the only acceptable alternative nicknames for fanboys. Anything else will get you modded for trolling.
  • Person vs. Person Threads: Person vs. person threads are not allowed because they have nothing to do with system wars (examples of these are comparisons such as master chief vs. samus, sam fisher vs. snake, or the covenant vs. pokemons).
  • Fad Topics: Fad topics are not allowed. Creating fad topics will result in suspensions. What is a fad topic? here's an example. A thread is created '10 reasons why Microsoft is a failure' (nothing wrong there) then another thread is created '10 reasons why Halo is failure' (a fad is slowly beginning) then another thread is created '10 reasons why Brawl is a failure' (a fad trend has started). Before we know it there is a whole flood of similar threads with similar wordings.
  • News Stories Involving Personal Injury: News threads regarding injuries, deaths, or the loss of jobs for "ownage" of another fangroup will be locked, as they have no place in SW.

A few notes regarding discussion or piracy, homebrew, piracy, and emulators:

  • Discussing a news article about the hacking and/or its relation to piracy is okay. Same goes for any news article that discusses piracy and it's overall effect on the industry.
  • Talking about the specifics of hacking, cracking, homebrew, or obtaining/running games is strictly off limits. Don't give instructions how to do it (even if they're vague), or tell people where to get the instructions, or link to sites containing instructions.
  • Don't mention that you've done any of these activities yourself, or say that you're going to.
  • Don't make a thread about piracy or hacking unless it's related to a specific news article. Definitely don't bring it up in a thread that's not about those topics.
  • As far as GameSpot is concerned, emulators and roms are considered illegal. I know in reality it's a bit of a complicated legal situation that varies depending on where you live and how you use them, but it's site policy to consider them off-limits. So please don't discuss them, or talk about which ones are good, or post screenshots from them, or say how the PC is so awesome because it can use them.

Extra supplimentary materials can be found here

Thank you.