Super Mario Maker 2 future update will include ability to play with friends online

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Well then, I guess I'll hold off until that update comes for SMM2, they should have included it in the first place. No excuses for this BS

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#2 Posted by Xabiss (2620 posts) -

I agree with your statement, but I will still buy it day one. HAHA!

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@Xabiss: im buying it day one, online co op is cool, but wasnt a deal breaker for me anyway

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holy crap i can play with my friends in 2019 thx nintendo

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ill never use it. but thanks :P

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@KBFloYd: I'll be your Mario Maker friend.

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Well that's fine...

Did we really need announcements for stuff like this? Not blaming gamespot more Nintendo a lot of non-news is news these days IMO.

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Well that’s nice. It really should have been in there from the beginning though.

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Good gollys. Standard expected features

Nintendo truly are the most incredible studio around.

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lol, what a bizarre thing to not include in your game.

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@Xabiss said:

I agree with your statement, but I will still buy it day one. HAHA!

Exactly what i was thinking ...

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That is never the reason I wanted the game in the first place. Super Mario Maker 2 is easily my most anticipated game in a long time. I can hardly wait.

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Good, maybe they will take the backlash from Sword and Shield and add all Pokemon.

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Cool ^__^

Nintendo does listen to feedback since this generation. <3

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That's good news. Yeah I'll probably get SMM2 either way, but I guess I don't know if I want to get it this month, or wait a bit.

I want to get Fire Emblem 3H next month, and Bloodstained comes out soon too. I'll have to see how my finances look...

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@fedor said:

@KBFloYd: I'll be your Mario Maker friend.

lol thanks bro

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I was gonna clap, but then I remembered that being able to play with friends online has been standard for 20 years.