Steam is okay, Epic is not, what is the consensus on GOG?

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Just wondering what some PC enthusiasts opinion on GOG is. Glad I asked about Epic because i didn't know about their anti-consumer practices.

So what is your peoples thoughts on

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No one says bad shit about GOG because unlike Valve they have quality control about the products in the service for the most part. And they don't actively attempt to funnel you with what is effectively bribery to limit your options to whatever gutter-feeder will take the gold.

It could still do with a lot more old games. There is an opportunity to bring over Sega Master System/GG/Saturn/Dreamcast stuff for example, Sega just sits on.

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GOG doesn't pay publishers in order to make games exclusive to their crappy store. GOG is also made by some of the most consumer friendly people in the gaming industry. GOG is a-ok.

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GOG is cool I wish they'd be the most aggressive competitor to Steam and not Epic but too many devs and publishers think releasing their games on GOG will cause mass piracy impacting sales due to their DRM free policy. I think GOG's 2.0 universal launcher is a cool idea and hope that at least Steam and Microsoft get on board with it.

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GoG rules. Their biggest problem is limited support for new AAA games because the pubs don't want to acquiesce to their DRM-free requirement. But their features are constantly improving and support from pubs has definitely been growing.

The next platform-bridging Galaxy is very intriguing

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Better than steam.

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You never say bad things about gog for the following reasons:

1. They specialize on retro games. They bring old games and make them easy to install for modern OS.

2. Their games are always DRM-free. This is why newest games avoid GOG at launch.

3. It's a store started by CD Projects, creators of Witcher and Cyberpunk. So basically if you hate on GOG you hate on Cyberpunk and Keanu Reeves in particular, which means you have no soul.

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If you want to buy an older game you'll have better luck buying from GOG than on Steam, because GOG actually checks if the game still runs on modern Software/hardware and is known to patch games. Steam just uploads an old .exe and doesn't care if it works on PCs or not.

Also GOG is run by CD Projekt, who are the new Valve (i.e. they can do no wrong)

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Pro consumer and DRM free, whats not to like?

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GoG's support of Linux is minimal, so my support of GoG is minimal.

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Better than steam.

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They tend to have more of the nostalgic classics on there, which makes them a must have. If I want to get an old and obscure PC game from way back when, they are more likely to have it than steam does.

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@Litchie said:

GOG doesn't pay publishers in order to make games exclusive to their crappy store. GOG is also made by some of the most consumer friendly people in the gaming industry. GOG is a-ok.

Exactly this.

Plus GOG Galaxy 2.0 is trying to unify all the different launchers. Overall I'm fine with every launcher/storefront except for Epic.

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Love it, bought most of my older games from GOG. Only gripe has more to do with developers in that because gog has made it easier than stram to halt or rollback patches, developers tend to release bigger all encompassing patches on gog and do so at a slower pace than they do for stram

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@fedor said:

Pro consumer and DRM free, whats not to like?

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GOG is the best digital package in the industry.

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GOG is my favorite, and so I choose it over steam when given a choice.

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They're excellent.

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At least with GoG, they have full control with Cyberpunk 2077 which GoG is own by CDPR and for that reason is why I pre-order Cyberpunk 2077 so CDPR can have my 100% money upfront and besides, GoG is DRM free & consumer friendly too.

Steam is my main HQ for games and GoG is my second-in command only if a game isn't available on GoG.

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I like GOG because of their focus on bringing back older games. Their DRM-free feature I imagine must appeal to a lot of people. I don't game on PC much and when I do I opt for these older titles that don't demand a high end PC to enjoy.

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@davillain-: 1/3rd of Cyberpunk 2077 PC preorders so far are on GOG. Great news for CD Projekt if they can unify all platforms I'd definitely be buying as many games as I can through them.

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GoG is easily the best unless you want some sort of Steam integration. No DRM, and updates to older games to ensure working order means they're the most consumer friendly in the business.

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They are very friendly ^__^ and when they release GoG Galaxy 2.0 (to integrate friends/games from other launchers) I will use that as my default.

It's nice to see user reviews especially for older games you may not have ever heard of, and they tend to come with user-made patches or notes on how to run the games on a modern PC.

The only negative is that they don't have as many features as Steam. And Steam doesn't curate (I prefer to curate for myself). Other than that they have been great for me.

That they have a DRM-free policy (for almost all) games is so refreshing for consumers in the 21st century!

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I used to be indifferent to GOG but I've been a fan for a while now. Their effort to bring older games to modern systems is commendable, they even patch them themselves to ensure compatibility.

I advise everyone to watch Danny O'Dwyer's NoClip documentary on GOG. It really opened my eyes regarding CDPR's platform.

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GOG is hands down the best of the pc options. Hell its the best across gaming because you really own the game. No online connection required to play and you can keep the install files forever. Completely DRM free. GOG does it right for gamers.

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@NoodleFighter said:

@davillain-: 1/3rd of Cyberpunk 2077 PC preorders so far are on GOG. Great news for CD Projekt if they can unify all platforms I'd definitely be buying as many games as I can through them.

Can't even imagine why anyone would want to pre-order Cyberpunk on Steam when GoG is a much better platform. Glad to hear everyone's supporting GoG :)

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GoG is the greatest, for the reasons everybody has said. The only downside is a severe lack of modern games, compared to the other big guys, but they're getting more all the time. If it's available from GoG, that's the first choice, no question. I'm also very much looking forward to their upcoming launcher program, which aims to be a catch-all to bring your game libraries, friends lists, and even chat, from every other platform (steam, epic, origin, uplay, blizzard/battlenet, everything), into one system. If they do it well, that could pretty much end this even being an issue.

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i may have to look into GOG and support them when they can.. as for epic, they havent really tried doing the steam thing until more recently, and ive been somewhat a part of the epic community in some capacity as a developer that works primarily with the unreal engine.. the company is trying to grow and expand and that means their launcher, and their store will improve over time, and them waving the 5% royalty fee on games developed with unreal engine on sales that go through their marketplace is going to attract a lot of good indie games in the near future..

honestly, im rather pissed that steams not really giving two shits about developing the source 2 engine because with it being natively platform independent, focusing on the vulkan API, open source scripting languages, etc, if they could package that into a good editor and offer a similar deal, i would likely make the switch to that engine as would many others, but they're not.. so i think epic is going to improve over time

my opinion on steam?.. frankly, im getting sick of steam, and why? because theres just soooooooooooooooo much crap on there.. i read somewhere that something like 1/3 of all steam games have never sold a single copy.. thats pitiful.. theres just no quality control on them, and frankly, if you ever looked into the gaming crash of 1983, steam is building a similar environment to what lead to that.. and that is no quality control on the games released

in conclusion, i'll try to support GOG, and hope the team behind epic remains dedicated to improvements

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GOG is awesome until PC gamers get pissed about something and they become the worst thing on the planet.

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They haven't bought a game yet so they cool.

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