Sony should increase it's 1st party content.

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1. Buy studios

I think they need racing games and online games so more in that direction.

Codemaster seem to be a good fit. They have F1 licence as well.

Psyonix games has made good multiplayer games, most recently Rocket League.

Remedy would be a good buy, Housemarque too, Supermassive Games too...etc.

2. Create/expand new studios

New San Diego and Guerrilla 2 is a good start.

Maybe create more teams within Japan Studio as it's a bit weak on Japanese games.

3. Collaborate Co-make games

Like with From Software Bloodborne, keep working with them, Bloodborne 2 or whatever.

4. Exclusive deals or money funding

Do something with Platinum like Nintendo with Bayonetta or MS with scalebound.

5.Contract studios to remake/re-imagine classics

Bluepoint with SotC, Demon Souls next please.

Medievil is good. More would be great.

6.Nurture small indie size studios into AAA size studios

Bend studio's 1st AAA game wasn't great, but sold well, keep trying.

Pixelopus's next game, if it does well, make a bigger project next time.

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Have you tried contacting them directly?

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Should fanboys on a forum be giving advise?

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@ssouncyk said:

That’s why you see so many PS4 exclusives in the pre owned section, nobody buys digital versions of PS4 exclusives because you can’t trade them in a week later

All my Sony exclusives are digital, so there goes that argument.

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You should tell Sony to stop following #MeToo movement.

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You never explained why they should do this.

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They actually are increasing their first party. Pretty sure they went on record stating as much as they move onto next gen development.

Edit: In fact yeah. Here's a link to Solid's thread with a link regarding it:

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Bloodborne 2 I'm all for

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@ssouncyk: Hmmm...who's alt is this?

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Have you missed this generation or anything?

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Eh, they gotta be careful tho. Last gen they released a bunch of first party games that were sales flops hence why they were cautious this gen. It's also a super competitive market as it is.

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Generally speaking, more exclusive content is inherently beneficial. But none of us know the financial reality or the saturation point, which Sony experienced themselves during the PS3 generation where quantity just didn’t move the needle.

There’s a lot of options on the table, but Sony seems determined to make one big move, based on their rhetoric. The ones that seem most feasible are taking the remnants of Eidos off of S-E’s hands (if not a bigger play for S-E itself, at least its western studios), or target a big-name publisher like EA, 2K, Capcom, etc. I simply have reservations that they want to go after individual studios in the same way MS done, since many of those moves appear to be padding out the bridge between indies and AAA.

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Quantity over Copying

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Both Sony and MS needs to increase exclusive content against Chinese proxy Epic.

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No there are way too many games right now.

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Quality over quantity.

Yall wanna play Mario Kart or one of them 15 other dingle berry racers?

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I'd be fine if they just revived Motorstorm.

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Agreed. I only had Pacific Rift(i think it was called), but did enjoy it.

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They should make fewer first-party games and open their platform up; allow smaller, independent developers to make games for their console more easily. Foster a modding environment for their games and others.

Develop an early-access program for burgeoning developers so they, if their project generates enough interest, can obtain company funding and logistical support.

More games, big and small. More risk taking! More adventurous spirit. Less razzle dazzle, more character and gameplay.

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@ronvalencia said:


Both Sony and MS needs to increase exclusive content against Chinese proxy Epic.

I dislike Tencent-Epic as much as anyone, but fighting fire with fire is not good for consumers.

They need to go in a different direction, focus on games, and damn the corrupt business practices.

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Sony needs lots of editors so they can get their content in cinemas & on DVD/Youtube as quickly as possible.

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Sony has been consistently stronger than Microsoft in 1st party content this whole generation, so I don't believe they need to change anything. Unless they are really worried about Microsoft's many game studios acquisitions.

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Sony let both Evolution and Liverpool go. The evolution team joined codemasters. Why buy what you once had? Sony did the whole studio thing last generation. They had a lot of great games that did not sell.

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I am all for this as long as the dev have control on what they want to make. I personally hope sony gathers the disolved Japanese ps1 and ps2 jrpg teams and make a small to mid tier studios for them to continue work their magic. Many japanese talents from those era is freelancing so it would be great if Sony can make facilitate them with resources for new games. Who knows maybe we will get another Wild Arms, Legend of Dragoon or even Suikoden.

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They should remake Ape Escape and the Legend of Dragoon. Make more God of War, Ratchet, Sly, Infamous, Motorstorm, LBP, Uncharted, SOCOM games. Make sequels to their big hitters this gen like Spider-Man, Horizon, Bloodborne. And develop some new IPs as usual.

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I think the should buy MS, Nintendo, Epic and Steam.

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I just want Sony to widen the variety of content that first party studios make. I would LOVE to see Sony make a great JRPG or turn based strategy game. That could be VERY epic.