Sony not calling Death stranding PS4 Exclusive.

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#101 Posted by PC_Rocks (2549 posts) -

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nice, I'll hold off buying it on the PS4 in that case. might as well wait for the better version (assuming the game doesn't turn out to be a turd and is worth playing at all)

Yeah, I wasn't that hyped on this after seeing the actual gameplay videos. Maybe it's better in some areas, but what they showed looked kinda boring. At any rate, if later gameplay reveals look good, I'll probably grab it when it comes out on PC.

Epic store exclusive, coming soon. Epic already has few of Sony games, might as well grab Death Stranding. Though I wouldn't mind double-dip if the game turns out to be really good of course.

Depends on whose call it is: Sony or Kojima. I doubt it will be an Epic exclusive if it's Kojima's decision knowing his history with Gabe/Valve.

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Kojima games are dead.

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@kuu2 said:

Kojima games are dead.

when it was exclusive -"OMG OMG best gamez ever"

When it no longer exclusive - "it suck. worst game ever"

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lol another one. Dreams and Medievil aren’t there either though. Same goes for Concrete Genie.