Sony "loves that people are still interested" in TLG.

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The Last Guardian – the PlayStation-exclusive title from Team ICO which has now been in development for some eight years – is still “absolutely in the mix” at Sony, according to Scott Rohde, one of the men in charge of Sony’s roster of fully-owned studios.

In a conversation with IGN, the topic of The Last Guardian came up. “You’re going to be very frustrated by this answer,” Rohde said, “but it is 100 percent the God’s honest truth, and that is that we want to make great games. And when we see that the public is so interested in a specific game, of course that drives us to want to complete that game. But it also drives us to want to make it great. We would not want to ship that game if we don’t think it’s great.”

When asked whether it was still a PlayStation 3 game or if it’s migrated to PlayStation 4, Rohde said that he’s “not going to announce what platform it’s coming on, who’s working on it, who’s involved. But that is still a title that’s absolutely in the mix at Worldwide Studios. That’s the most you’re gonna get.”

Later in the conversation, Rohde noted that he “actually like[s] talking about The Last Guardian. I love that people are still interested in it. That’s an honor to us. That’s not just me spinning… It’s really cool that people are still interested in it, and we’re trying to make the best thing we can out of The Last Guardian.”

The PlayStation 3-exclusive game from Team ICO was revealed at E3 2009. But at E3 the following year, it was a no-show, and was later confirmed for release in 2011. But 2011 came and went, and there was no The Last Guardian.

In March of 2011, we saw the game running for the first time, but a month later, The Last Guardian saw its first of many delays. Team ICO founder Fumito Ueda confirmed the game was still in production just at the time that the game’s executive producer, Yoshifusa Hayama, quit Sony to work elsewhere. Then, Ueda himself also quit, though still promised to work on the game in a contractor capacity.

That brings us to 2012, when Sony’s Shuhei Yoshida noted that The Last Guardian is “making progress”. At Gamescom later that year, he again confirmed the title was still in development, right around the time Team ICO’s long-time producer left Sony.

By early 2012, Fumito Ueda said the game is still being developed, but then, come June, the game was said to be in hiatus. Meanwhile, Sony’s Japan Studio prioritized Knack and Puppeteer over The Last Guardian, while Sony said in September that it was waiting to “reintroduce” the game. Last we heard, Ueda himself said he was ”terribly sorry” for The Last Guardian’s epic development cycle. Team ICO last put out a game in 2005, when Shadow of the Colossus came to PlayStation 2, and didn't put out a product for the duration of the PlayStation 3's prime lifecycle.

Will the game finally reemerge at E3, which is only a few months away? Time will tell.


Okay, I'm a huge SotC and ICO fan, but **** these guys. I bolded the part that pisses me off. Sorry, but when you lead us along like mice with a piece of cheese attached to a string for this long, you owe us every single ounce of information you have available. Anything less is just insulting our intelligence and proving that you think we're as intelligent as a mouse. These guys are so out of touch with reality it is seriously ridiculous. There are so many other good games out there, I'm good with just writing this one off.

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look forward to seeing it on PS6

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What a joke.

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They lost all my goodwill, so who gives a ****

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Vaporware confirmed?

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Of course Sony likes that people are hanging on the TLG to see a release date. They now know they can show something off that they never intend to release and people on the sony bandwagon will eat it up. It's pure win win for Sony

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I was amazed that people wanted it so bad last gen, cant understand why people even care now

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The Last Guardian will probably be like Final Fantasy XV for me: a game that was at the top of my hype list nearly a decade ago, only for me to now refuse to buy a new copy.

Not only do I want to support good games but I'd like to support good business practices, and what's been going on with these games is terrible. Refusing to purchase the game new is my own little revolt; regardless of it having any impact it always leaves me satisfied and smiling.

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In a way I'm still interested just because their first two games felt so unique. At the very least, TLG could offer a breath of fresh air in such a monotonous industry.

Then there is the reality that this game has gone through so many development revamps that it will most likely have some glaring issues. It seems they had no sense of direction and more often than not, games that go through these kinds of developments end up sub-par.

If they release it I'll buy it. I'm just not expecting anything special.

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I'd give my opinion on this but the thread will only get locked soon like all the others have been.

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@MonsieurX: that was confirmed years ago.

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I gave up on TLG!

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@lostrib said:

look forward to seeing it on PS6


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How to generate ludicrous amount of hype:

Announce a new, unique title from a studio with a great track record of making great unique titles.

Don't release it for 8 million years.

Insta-hype once you show even a sliver of new info.

At this point even a new screenshot would make every Sony fan in the world simultaneously excrete all their bodily fluids at once.

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im still hyped for this game. day one buy(whenever that is).

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I never buy used games unless they're no longer in production, but if this ever comes out, I'm getting it used. I'm not going to support devs that lead you on for years and years, regardless of the quality of the finished product.

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@bobbetybob said:

How to generate ludicrous amount of hype:

Announce a new, unique title from a studio with a great track record of making great unique titles.

Don't release it for 8 million years.

Insta-hype once you show even a sliver of new info.

At this point even a new screenshot would make every Sony fan in the world simultaneously excrete all their bodily fluids at once.

Did you write the guide on this for Sony? :P

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ICO was one of my favorite PS2 games. Shadow of the Colossus was great fun as well. I had high hopes to have already beaten The Last Guardian a half dozen times by now. I'm sick of waiting and I'm done caring about this game.

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anyone seen this movie....shadow of the colossus is all over it.

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Then give a release date before people stop being so interested...

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Team Ico has become the "George R.R. Martin" of the gaming industry.

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Was just playing some ICO last night. It sounds like whether it's PS3 or PS4, TLG should be coming soon. Please.

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@lostrib said:

look forward to seeing it on PS6


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So Sony Santa Monica gets lay-offs while Team Ico hasn't done anything in a decade...makes sense.

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Sony continues shitting on their fans. I bet Sony expects them to come back running with wide open arms if ever they release this crap. I hope these fans finally realize when Sony announces something, don't get your hopes up and don't get too hyped.

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Used to have a raging boner for this. Went half mast some time around 2011. Now I might as well be naked in Antarctica.

Enough about my personal life though, I hope this game is good.

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I wonder what the problem is/was?

I'm guessing it is being rebuilt from scratch for the PS4.

That being said, I think Team ICO have been given way too much leniency. They haven't put anything out for almost 10 years. And it cost a lot of money to keep a developer running I'm guessing. I understand Sony's leniency with Polyphony because GT is guaranteed to sell in numbers that justify the development time. But from a business point of view, I don't get the leniency Team Ico is allowed.

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Not giving up. Still looking forward to it.

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Hopefully it comes out in time to make the PS7 a viable gaming option for me.

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Hope they do something with it soon. I could see myself enjoying this with my kid.

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Only weeaboos are still interested in that trash.

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@nervmeister said:

Team Ico has become the "George R.R. Martin" of the gaming industry.

lol. Indeed.

I hear the producers of the show met with George RR Martin recently. Concerns about the show catching up to the books, the kids of the show aging, and GEORGE'S HEALTH!!!!!!!!!!!

The man's no spring chicken and is pushing 300-350 lbs.

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@KBFloYd said:

anyone seen this movie....shadow of the colossus is all over it.

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Was a great movie aswel.

On Topic tho, I still really want the game, but you know it does pee me off how silent it is, just come out and tell us something, this guy is acting like we only been waiting a month or something we've heard nothing for the past 5years and yet still there still secretive, why whats the point anymore any hype on this game has gone, there about 100 million more hype for a new shemnue than this game, and if this game does even come out it better be amazing because if it isn't what a waste of paying these developers to make it, it's took that long, i mean how or why are they paying these people they've done nothing since SoTc